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animal testing in the UK

October 11th, 2004, 05:46 PM
did you know that each year in the UK an average of 2.7 million 'procedures' tests are performed on live animals each year in the name of science and medical advancement?? according to the british pharacutical industry nearly 4000 drugs are currently beign tested on animals, of these, 89% will be discarded before they get to human trail due to their beign proved toxic on animals. and tests conducted range from a bit of lipstick on the tummy to having organs removed whilst the animal is alive, to look for side effects of drugs which would not be allowed on humans (New Scientist, 2459).

at the moment in the UK many scientists, their families, neighbors are being physically threatened by activists in an aim ot cease this cruelty, one scietists wife has to look under her car for bombs daily, this is a real threat.. the governemnt is looking at new ways to do tests and avoid using animnals in an attempt to fix this huge problem.

this raises the issue of what do we do, we cannot cease drug testing, and the ethical requirements of differing bodies around the world do not legally protect all animals.

if a scientist could prove a need for their research and justification for the tests should they be allowed? or should we stop all testing which may cut of the flow of knowledge that will underpin future therapies??

this raises the dilemma of -should animals have the same rights as humans? should we test on humans and children instead of animals??

food for thought