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i need help with my cat ; ^ ; pleaaaseee

June 12th, 2012, 12:10 PM
Hello im new here, and i am REALLY desperate because of the recent problems my cat is giving me.
She was really nice when she first came to my home (shes adopted and 9 months old, shes not agressive what so ever)
But the last month she has developed a destructive behavior, for example:
she will open the cabinet bellow the dishwasher and eat food from the bag then running with the food around the house living a mess, she is stealing food from the counter (this really huge and heavy piece of meat), she throws the trashcan and make a mess around the house, she scratch the living hell out of my kitchen wallpaper, she eats aluminum paper from the stove, throw things around the house, eat the plants, etc.
and yesterday when i was trying to discipline her she bite me in an agressive way, she has NEVER done that ; ^ ;
i dont know what to do i thought it was because i wasnt playing enough with her but that was not it (i played for houuuurs).

please tell me how to "train" my cat shes driving me crazy....she actually fell into the washing machine yesterday trying to catch my roomates drying sock. She was freezing after that...i just dont know what to do.

sorry for my bad english and the long post.

here is a pic of the little devil.