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Stress and anxiety related problem : bleeding sores, blister, ulcers, abscess

June 11th, 2012, 02:33 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm here for ma aunt who has a sick dog. We dont know what breed he is cuz she got him from a shelter 3 years ago, but one thing we know.. he is huge! About the height of a great Dane. He weights about 140lbs which seems to be his ideal weight. He is probably arround 9 years old and except for that stress related problem, he seems to be in very good shape : he eats and drinks well, playful, good attitude etc...

But there's that weird symptom... Whenever the weather is stormy, with thunder, or simply when my aunt brings him to the vet (in other words whenever he is VERY anxious), he gets those "blisters/ulcers/abscess/sores" inside his mouth and sometimes even in his eye. 2 weeks ago the weather was terrible and they had thunderstorms almost 5 days in a row. The dog never got over it!

Actually, the problem has been appearing and disappearing for the past year and a half, but now it seems like almost any kind of exercise or stress will make the sores bleed: for exemple, when she walks him to the park, she has to bring something to clean his mouth cuz it bleeds so much! She doesnt want any infection in there so she cleans his mouth like 10 times a day with warm water and a clean piece of clothes.

The vets dont understand what is happening! She went to 3 different vets (and by the way she is not a rich person!) one said it's probably cancer, another said it's probably a teeth problem, the other one is clueless!...

First thing she got which seemed to have help a lot was NOVAMOXIN 500mg. After 3 days with that medecine the dog's mouth was almost perfect! But of course the problem was back next time the dog was anxious! The vet who gave her those meds said that if the mouth was healing with the meds, it meant it was not cancer.. I guess that's good news!

So second thing to try... the dog had a complete dental cleansing (which ruined my aunt!) and which made the problem WORSE. Now whenever the dog is anxious and he gets these abcess, it bleeds even more and it will never completely heal up!

I asked my aunt to take pictures of her dog's mouth, she will do that tomorrow afternoon and I'll post them here.
If you guys know anything about what could be causing that disease, or know how to get rid of it, please feel free to share!!

Thanks for your help :fingerscr

June 14th, 2012, 12:58 AM
Have they tried the Novamoxin again?

Maybe try some probiotics and coenzyme10 and vitamin C? Not sure, I've never heard of this!