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ACL Injury in 1year old small dog

June 8th, 2012, 06:30 PM
My young (she's only a year old), small (17.2lbs) dog had been holding up one of her rear legs after getting up from a nap, but would walk it off after a minute or so. Being the "mother" I am, I took her to my vet today. The vet said that she had a slight injury in her left ACL - he didn't use the word torn or ruptured, but she did have a slight twinge when he squeezed her in certain ways on her knee. He gave me Metacam to use for a week and told me that for the next couple of months she'd have to have reduced exercise.

I'm super upset about the news (though I do know it could be worse) as she's such an active pup who loves to play, romp and go hiking and I do know this is for her own good and an important thing to do (rest), but I was also wondering if anyone had experience with a small dog with a injured ligament - if there are any decent supplements to add to her diet (she eats Fromm + Carna4), or certain exercises I should do with her to aid in her healing.

She still wants to run and play and walk and leap and doesn't cry or wince when I stretch her leg, so I'm hoping it's not that bad overall (as my vet was telling me how bad symptoms can be).

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

Sidenote: she is not overweight (the vet actually said she was perfect and very athletically built) and is a bichon/havanese/poodle mutt.

June 9th, 2012, 04:13 AM
Do not let her run and play until it has healed.

This yahoo group can help: