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6 Week old Kitten issues/worries...

May 25th, 2012, 01:53 AM
Hi there,

Before I say what's going on with my little girl, I'd just like to say that I know she is too young to have been taken from her mother, I know. I trusted the person I got her from that she was okay to go but I didn't.

At first she said Sophie (my girl) would be ready by the first week of June, but then she called me and said she was ready to go. I was iffy at first but when she said she was litter trained and was eating dry hard food I figured it was okay...But after reading related issues, I know now that she wasn't fully ready. So I ask that people don't say "oh, she wasn't ready, why would you do that..." I already feel bad as it is :(

Anyway, my issues and worries are that she is biting very hard and scratching. I do understand that’s her way of playing and what not, but like others water bottle isn't working, nor is picking her up by the scruff and say 'no' firmly and setting her down and ignoring her. She continues to bite and scratch...and now I noticed when I giver her treats she will hiss at me.

Honestly the ONLY time she is lovable is when she wakes up and lets me pet her and what not, but after 3 minutes she’s back to being crazy. I read that all of this is just them playing and what not, but I also ready that when their ears go back and she tries to be 'bigger' (think Black cat on Halloween) that it's a sign of aggression.

When I was younger I had a kitten about 4 weeks old and growing up she would let me do anything to her, put her in a stroller and play rough, my old cat was nothing like Sophie. And I know all cats are different and what not but I've never had a kitten be so wild and crazy. (This is the only way I can describe this) To me, It's kind of upsetting cause I'm not sure how to really handle this...I would get another kitten but when I put her with another one who lives next door she growled and hissed at her...would kitten play dates work? Would she get use to the other kitten?

I hope some of you have some advice...:fingerscr:shrug: