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Please help: Huskey bit my dog and owner won't answer my calls

May 21st, 2012, 10:35 AM

I was at the dog park at Kennedy/McNicoll around 6pm last Friday. A white and grey colored husky called Lucky bit my one year old German Sheppard in the neck. I quickly got the owner's information and rushed the dog to the emergency clinic. Although it was bleeding, the veterinarian said we were lucky no major blood vessels were punctured and he helped us shave and clean it up, and put him on an anti-bacterial ointment and Cephalexin tablets.

I have been trying to get a hold of the owner of husky but she is not picking up my calls nor replying my text messages.

The owner is Melissa Fung a younger Asian female and the dog is:

White and grey colour

Thin and tall build

The dog has different left and right eye colors

2 years old

She left in a beige colored Toyota Camery (1996 to 2001) driven by a Chinese male with the license plate AJHP 888.

Any suggestions on what action I can take? I've already called animal services and reported the dog.

Here is a link to how the car looks like :

Please be on the lookout for this dog and the owner when you take your pets to the dog park and keep them away from her!