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Girlfriend's cat has weak bones and keeps limping, I'm very worried about her

May 19th, 2012, 04:26 PM
My girlfriend adopted a cat a while ago. Around the same time her brother's friend asked her to watch her cat for a while. Long story short she got stuck with it.

The cat looks kinda like the ragdoll breed and its around 7 months. We heard from the brother's friend that it may be inbred... Its smaller compared to the other cat which is probably just up to 2 months older.

She started limping probably 1-2 months ago on the left leg. We took her to the vet got an x-ray and there was according to the vet 1 or maybe even 2 pretty fine fractures. They bandaged her up and sent her home. She came out of the bandages after a few days (they seemed to be hurting more than helping). The leg never really healed right and to be honest I'm not completely sure it healed all the way.

Fast forward to now. We went camping for 2 days. She let her little sister watch the cats. She was probably a little rough because now the cat is limping on the other leg and using the left leg as the support. She is now and always has walked around and stuff. She never just laid there looking ill, but she is not as active as the other cat. The other cat climbs and plays more actively than she does. She also has an upper respiratory infection that got better, but didn't clear up all the way after using up all the medicine we got from the vent.

So basically I'm hoping somebody else's cat has had some of these symptoms and can tell me what it might be. From reading around it sounds like she has a calcium deficiency or something... My cat can jump off my dresser like nothing, her cat shouldn't be getting these fractures so easily. I'm really worried because my girlfriend is a student and if its something really serious I think she's going to have to put it to sleep...

EDIT: Basically the reason why I'm more worried now than before is because because it was just a fracture leg that just didn't/wasn't healing correctly, but now that its the other leg too, she must have weak bones or something along those lines. Also the cat is basically normal other than the legs and the URI

May 19th, 2012, 05:41 PM
Poor kitty! That sounds pretty odd. What does she eat? Did the vet do any blood work while she was there?

May 19th, 2012, 06:13 PM
The cats have been eating meomix (I know its bad). Shes in the process of looking for new dry food, but for the last few weeks the cats have mostly been eating quality wet food. We haven't got blood work done. This cat has been to the vet twice. Once for the leg and got x-rays and the other time was for the URI and just had a basic checkup.