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Beautiful dog died so suddenly.

May 19th, 2012, 06:25 AM
Hello I lost my beautiful girl just a few days ago. She was a Rhodesian Ridgeback x Mastiff, 13 years old and approximately 58kg. I didn't have the heart to send her off to investigate the cause of death but I am curious still.

She was on my bed and let out a deep cry, I thought she had a leg cramp as she stretched out one leg kind of arching (I hope that makes sense) I massaged her leg she looked at me and then she was gone, I think it took about 30-40 seconds.

I understand that its rare for dogs to have a heart attack (as we perceive a human heart attack) but I need to try to understand the nature of such a catastrophic event that could kill her so quickly. She had her vet checks just recently and all her blood and urine test came back normal, generally she was a healthy girl for her age, a little arthritic and a few benign lumps but healthy.

The only clue I can give is that approximately 8 hours after death blood began to discharge from her nose although her mouth was also bloody. A little like a foam/froth that bubbled out but then it settled into an slow weep. 18 hours after death the blood was dark and clotted. Although there were pools of blood there was enough to soak through 2 thick quilts and into the mattress.

Could this be an indication of aneurysm? What could have killed her so quickly? I know that I will never get the exact answer but I am hoping that someone could at least give me an idea of the physiological processes that might be linked to the bleeding. Could it also be just a natural process?

Thank you for your time.

May 20th, 2012, 05:34 AM
Sorry for your loss :grouphug: Have you discussed your queries with your vet?

May 20th, 2012, 06:47 AM
I am so sorry. Without a necropsy you will never know. You do know that she had a good life, full of your love and care and that she leaves you with wonderful memories to cherish. The good memories will come soon to overide your devastation

13 is a good age for such a big dog. I know it's hard for you but if it were me I'd try to be consoled that my dog did not linger and suffer from some debilitating ailment. This is hard, I know. My hairdresser lost her father at age 82 when he was hit by a car. She did not have a chance to say good bye but she acknowledges that is how he would have wanted the end of his life to be, sudden.

I'm sorry.