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Our New Puppy Pics

October 10th, 2004, 04:28 PM
Amberview's "The Mystic One" Aka Hannah

October 10th, 2004, 05:18 PM
aww, is she a golden retriever?

October 10th, 2004, 05:20 PM
She's sooo sweet! I'm soooo jealous! Ahhh!!! Puppy breath!!!! :D

October 10th, 2004, 05:26 PM
Yes shes a golden..a little of her sisters at 8 weeks weighed a whopping 11lbs! shes petite like her mother and judging by her ear colour,shes gonna be a red golden

She is such a good natured pup..shes already learned to be in her crate....

October 11th, 2004, 02:37 PM
She sure is cute, how lucky you are to have such a sweet family memeber. They grow so fast, Blaze was small too, he is only 54 pounds now at eight months. By the colours of her ears I would think she will be light blonde in colour, from what a read in Golden Retriever's for Dummies ( great book) I bought it when Blaze came home it tells you to go by the ear colour, if dark pup will darken, light and pup will light. I know with Blaze he was light in colour dark ears and now he is dark. No matter what colour she is SWEET, enjoy your 24k gold nugget :)

October 11th, 2004, 04:21 PM
OMg,what an adorable little girl,I would not be able to leave her for a minute,you are so lucky :D

October 11th, 2004, 04:26 PM
I was told by the breeder the same thing about her real time her ears are alot darker,a dark golden reddish colour..Her mom was red and her dad was a really golden LOL

Any colour she is,she is a sweet baby girl,right now shes sound asleep in her crate..shes taken to the crate very very well..even on day two her whining lasts maybe 1 min

October 11th, 2004, 08:59 PM
She sure is sweet, they must all be the same in photo's Blaze has darker ear's than show in picture. Blaze's dad is dark Irish Setter red and mom is med golden light feathering undercoat really nice. I would have to hold her all the time, OMG she has a face you could die for. Have fun

October 12th, 2004, 02:45 PM
She is absolutely adorable :)

October 12th, 2004, 02:51 PM
Very nice Mysts, many many years of happiness..... :D

October 12th, 2004, 02:57 PM
what a lovely puppy