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Blood in kitten poo?

May 11th, 2012, 07:57 AM
Hello there,

I just rescued a kitten last night from a cardboard box on the street. I am guessing it is about 5 weeks, but am unable to tell for sure. The kitten was with a litter that seemed to be well fed but I do not know if it has been consuming Mother's milk or something else. I bought Wellness brand canned kitten food, which the kitten devoured the instant it was put in front of them. He/she pooped this morning and it was stinky and wet, and after a strain or two, it let out a small glob of what looked like blood. It was not extremely dark or bright but a medium color. I have to work today and cannot get into the vet until tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should be concerned at this point, or if it is just a natural adjustment to the new food and will sort itself out. Any comments / tips would be much appreciated! I don't want this little guy to be in too much discomfort...

Thank you.

May 11th, 2012, 08:35 AM
A small rent or tear in the anus could allow a bit of bleeding but blood produced that way would be obviously blood, bright red. And it would be only a drop or two. Uncomfortable for kitten but not an emergency.

Be sure to feed only small bits of food at a time so as not to overwhelm his little tummy with more at once than he is used to and because it is a new food. No milk, in case you didn't know that.

Internal bleeding would produce dark looking stool.

If all else checks out OK, pink gums, hydrated enough, I would feel comfortable leaving the VEt visit a day as you have no choice but to do. Kitten probably has worms and fleas. I'd take that bit of stuff that concerns you along with a fecal sample to the Vet with me.

I am not a Vet so of course if you are in doubt or worried VEt immediately if you can.

Poor wee thing. Do you think there were others in the box too? And maybe they skittered away and hid?