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update on the crew

May 5th, 2012, 02:10 PM
Hey guys, we've been having some interesting times here with my three furballs. Boo (princess stinky bottom) continues to have periodic issues with her bottom. i've switched her to a primarily chicken based diet, which has helped enormously, and I keep the fur on her rear and underside of her tail trimmed, which also helps. Although she still reigns supreme for stinkiest poos :yuck:

Gizmo had a very rough time at the vet on thursday. It was just for his 3 year rabies shot, but he was extremely distressed, moreso than ever before, by the trip and experience. He urinated in the carrier, which has never happened before. He had to have a bath when we got home, since the pee was all over him. At home, however, he's slowly asserting himself over Boo, rather than letting her have her way in all things. Poor Boo is rather confused to find herself the one to be shouldered aside so he can snag her food or toy or sleeping spot, rather than the other way around. It will be interesting to see who eventually 'rules the roost' so to speak when she's all grown.

More worrisome, however, is my boy Remington. I've had him for ten years, and we're rather the comfortable old married couple. He was with us at the vet on thursday, and the vet noticed a couple small lumps that he's had for a few years. His previous vet glanced at them and assured me that they were just 'age spots for dogs'. My new vet, however, wanted to test them in case they were cancerous. She got a few cells and didn't like the looks of them, and sent them in to be tested. There wasn't enough of a sample to test, though, and we go in Wednesday to have the lumps removed so they can be tested directly. He hasn't been sick since he's had them, so I'm hoping that they really are nothing, but the fact that the vet was worried enough about what she COULD see has me half out of my mind. If y'all have some spare :goodvibes: we could sure use them. He's enjoying the extra spoiling he's been getting the last couple of days, though. I think the donut may have been his favorite so far.;)