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Kitty having many problems

May 2nd, 2012, 08:02 AM
Hello, I have a kitty named Grey, he is a neutered male American Long Hair, and he is about 8 or so years old. The other day I had noticed he was pawing at his mouth and growling a bit at it as if it was bothering him. I checked his mouth and it appeared his upper canine tooth had made a hole in his bottom lip and so I decided to take him to a vet. The vets were pretty surprised and didn't know how he could of done this to himself, they were also kinda stumped on what to do for him, so they decided that they would cauterize it and hope that the tooth would stop going into the hole, allowing it to heal. They gave him some vaccines as well and sent me home with a pain medication called meloxicam which also reduces inflammation(I recently looked up this drug and read some scary things about it, I also called another vet that said they don't even prescribe the stuff).

We get home, he goes to his litter box and pees/poos a little, but throughout the day he didn't eat much and stopped drinking water. Well later in the night I noticed the place where they cauterized his lips, a lot of brown crust was forming, which he eventually ripped off and ended up reopening the hole, which caused some bleeding. I took him back to the vet and they said they really didn't know what to do and maybe to give him the remaining pain/anti-inflammatory medicine(2 more doses) to see if the swelling on his gums would go down, allowing his tooth to slip passed his bottom lips.

Well he is still not really eating, he normally eats dry food, but he keeps going to his food bowl, licking it a little, and walking away. I've gotten him so many other foods to try to get him to eat, tuna, chicken, baby food, etc. He will eat some of these, but not much at all. He also drinks water, but very little. He is always coming to me meowing and going to his full food bowl as if to say please feed me, but I really don't know what else to do at this point...

It has been 3 days since he last pooed, but he still urinates now and then. I also noticed he is sometimes licking his bottom. I did ask the vet about this and they said the pain meds will slow his bowel movements and make it hard for him to poo, well my question is when does this become a problem? How long is it ok for a cat not to poo?

My other question is what could be done about his tooth problem? Has anyone had this happen before? I don't really want him to lose his tooth because the vet said it's still in good shape, but I also don't want him suffering anymore. He is my soul mate kitty and I couldn't imagine life without him, I just want him to feel better and not have to worry so much anymore. :(

May 3rd, 2012, 04:41 AM

I would suggest going to another vet ASAP!
As the one you are seeing seems clueless about the situation!

Poor little guy, he could be in pain.

I totally understand your concerns, soul mates sometimes have 4 legs and a tail...I have 8 of them! And could not imagine life without any of them.

The important thing is to go see another vet and explain the situation; that you went to a vet who could not help you, and that your friend Grey needs help!
I would also get all the previous vet's tests and your cats file from them in order to bring that to the new vet for them to see which tests have been done, which medecine has been prescribed and so on. This will help the new vet so he/she can see what your poor baby has been through and recieved so far in terms of treatments.

Please keep us posted on Grey's situation!