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Bluesouth Labs
April 26th, 2012, 07:02 PM
Hi. Hope to read a lot of the responses to some very good information that has been shared.I have 9 labradors and have in the past competed in hunt test/obedience and presently compete in comformation. All except one ( which is my youngest girl are all Canadian show champions. We stricky beleive in certifications for the labradors.Hope to enjoy this forum:ca:

April 27th, 2012, 12:09 PM
Hi there! I've never had a Labrador, but I do see them from time to time when we visit the vet. They're beautiful. I'm new here, too, and I hope you find the forum as helpful as I have. :)

April 27th, 2012, 12:22 PM
Welcome, there a few Labbie owners here on pets, me being one of them. I have a Chocolate 7.5 yr old F. Sasha is my first Lab and I absolutely love the breed. Hope to see some pictures of your four-legged babies...soon 'k. :D

April 27th, 2012, 12:41 PM
Hi from another Lab owner. Labs are great dogs. I say this with a lop sided smile as I look down at my dirty pants from my big lunkhead getting the zoomies AFTER the wallow in the black, oozy muckhole. :)

There's a Bluenorth Labradors in Ontario too. Any connection?

April 27th, 2012, 10:14 PM
Welcome to the board, Bluesouth Labs!

Pics, please!! :D (But no pressure...:laughing: Just soon! :p)

April 27th, 2012, 11:40 PM
Hi there and welcome to the forum!!! :D

And yes, pics please!!