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heart condition

April 18th, 2012, 10:02 PM
Hi I'm new to this forum and hoping to get some advise.

My lovely six year old cat got sick about a month ago. She's an indoor cat. I came home to find her under a table with foam all over her mouth, she looked so sick, it was really scary and she was having trouble breathing. I rushed her to vet, they did blood test, x-ray, took liquid out. They told me she was drowning in her own fluid, but they didn't know why she had fluid around her lungs. I left her there for two nights. I did some research myself on line to find out it might be a heart condition. They didn't think it was because the heart sounded fine. I told them to give her a heart medicine just incase and they did, along with a water pill. But they told me she wouldn't make it through the night - but the next morning she was almost back to herself. I took her home since they couldn't do much for her $1,200.00 later! a week later she collapsed, I took her back, this time they gave me two meds to take home. The one for her heart and the water pill. For two weeks she was doing really well with the meds. But today the same thing happened she passed out, then ten min. later she was fine. The Doctors are suggesting an ultra sound but this is going to be $500.00. I'm so confused....because even thought she was diagnosed with a heart condition and is taking meds for her heart and for the fluid, but they're still not 100% sure if it's the heart. I'm sorry this is so long, but and advise would be great! I'm so stressed! Thank you Monica.:shrug::shrug::(

April 20th, 2012, 01:41 AM
Sorry to hear all you & your cat have been through :grouphug:

Sounds like your cat has a condition called Pleural Effusion ( it's not directly related to the heart but more the area surrounding the lungs is filled with fluid.

If at all possible by borrowing, maxing out a credit card, payment plan through the vet, or a program such as PetCard ( I would recommend the ultrasound as it will look at the entire chest area & the vet will then be able to accurately see what is happening and begin targeted treatment.

:goodvibes: :fingerscr

April 21st, 2012, 12:26 AM
for your reply, I decided to go ahead with the ultra sound. I just hate not knowing. I have a knot in my stomach every day wondering what's going to happen to her. I hate seeing her so weak and not herself :cry: hopefully I'll get more info. with the ultra sound. Thank you again. :)

April 21st, 2012, 12:39 AM
The ultrasound will be good as they can check the heart, lungs and surrounding areas in the chest cavity all at the same time and actually see how the heart & lungs are functioning instead of just a still picture like the xrays would give. I've had both a dog and a cat in for ultrasounds, it's an amazing tool (& very cool to see if you get to witness the procedure).

It's always so hard to see them struggle especially when they can't tell us what is wrong :grouphug:

:goodvibes: for good easy to fix results

April 25th, 2012, 11:03 PM
So, Angel is almost back to normal she is doing so well. I think I'm going to wait a week or so for the ultra sound as I'm really worried that it will make her sick again. Every time she goes to the vet she gets really stressed out and for the ultra sound she needs sedation so I am really worried about this especially if it is her heart. Also the doctor thinks when I bring her to the vet the fluid gets worse. I'll just keep praying for now that she doesn't faint again!

April 25th, 2012, 11:26 PM

I too have a cat with a heart condition, Tonali is her name.

My regular vet noticed she had a heart murmur when she was very young.
I took her to the specialist and they did the ECG and all possible tests.
All this info was sent to my regular vet, and I now take her twice a year to get a check up and monitor her condition. So far, she is stable and does not need meds.
I think the key with heart problems is to visit the vet on a regular basis and if there is any change in the condition...back to the specialist.
I know this can get quite costly... we had to go to St Hyacinthe animal hospital, which costed not only the vet visit, but 4 days in a hotel...
Down the line, it's always best to be sure exactly what your cat's condition is. Even if it can be heartbreaking and least you know what to expect...


April 28th, 2012, 12:54 AM
When Angel was a kitten they found a heart murmur, but then it went away, so I wasn't concerned about it. Now she's six, and she had these awful symptoms....that I wrote about above - it was so scary. The vet told me cats are really good with hiding health problems, until it's almost too late... I do want to know 100% if it is a heart condition. Right now they're going on her symptoms, x ray's and the fluid that she had in her lungs. But she's on very expensive meds twice a day...and she's almost back to normal. I know I should really do the ultra sound, but I'm scared as she's doing so well. Thank you for your reply it gives me hope that one day she might not have this condition. :)