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howard won australia- sadness

October 9th, 2004, 04:28 PM
this morning i have a pain in my heart and you need to know why and what happens in the world in which you live. i am sad, disalusioned, worried, frightened, angry, cant sleep, lost, horrified and down right so sad, my heart will break.

yes, john howard won the election. i dont know what to do, i cant believe it, every thing i believe in has just been shot, how can i believe in fairness, equality or what is right, my country is ruled by a racist, biggoted, homophobic, war mongering, lying, live at home till 35yrs a virgin 'i know young ppl' cheating person, nothing cna be real any more.

here is a bit of what you can expect for the next 4yrs-
the howard government will not-

-sign the kyoto protocol, bush didnt so why should he

-leave iraq, bush didnt so why should he

-can the free trade agreement, and will kill our aussie farmers, no one in us is obliged to buy our produce anymore, bushes idea of course

-allow same sex marrige- howard says it destroys the concept of family (mm nice)

-leave the idea of geosequestration alone (that is burying waste gasses in the earth then capping it, hey it isnt a problem if you cnat see it) and now the renewable energies industry is dying as howard wants to bury everything, well my husband who is in that industry is saying he wont have a job in a year as howard wants to fund burying his probs and will withdraw funding for hubbies areas,, not solving them, oh yay for us

-stop lying, hey WMD, children over board, you name it that man will spin a yarn about anything

-save tasmanias old growth forest- old and ancient stands of forest, nothing in australia is like this and it is very rare and special, well johhny howard is letting them log it, tear it down he says, iti s only trees, and all this- to win the loggers votes, he does not creat a sustainable industry for them ensuring the long term viability of therir jobs, no just an immeadiate solution and theywill have no jobs in the next 15yrs, so sad, they are being duped big time and the saw dust in theri brains has fogged somethings a bit

-reinstate the aboriginal and torres strait islander commisssion (ATSIC) or anything similar- the only department that allowed a voice for the aboriginal ppl of australia, howard shut them down a few mths ago, he says a minority does not need a voice off its own, we only tried to wipe out their civilisation and society, kiled their kids and killed their language and culture, but why should we give them anything (sarcasm ppl)?? hey we invaded 216yrs ago so surely they have caught up and can be like us white fellas?? as one of our politicians recently commented, 'they are an ancient civilisation with nothing to offer todays australia" oh now that is just lovely, mr howard must have agreed with that one.

oh and i was going to get a job with ATSIC in 2mths when i hand in my thesis, yes i am a scientist but have recently completed a study on aboriginal policies and issues in NSW, and relating this to conservation (long story), it has been my dream job for years now, it would have given me an avenue to do some real good for the ppl of my land, to help heal the scars of my fore fathers, to help the land and ppl i love and whome without i owuld not be the person i am. well anyway now there is not one aboriginal department for me to work for that is not a toursm dept (oh but we are happy to sell your culture, just not support it)

he does not care for or look after- single mothers, the elderly, public education, aboriginal health, higher education, farmers, immigrants, mandatory detention, forests, the environment and the list goes on and on and on and on. not to mention he just made us a big target for terrorists, oh but he totally ignors our dangerous neighbors like china and asia who love WMD, that is so dangerous, he will let them develop what they wnat till its too late, but bush isnt into them so why should he be, they can only bomb us tomorrow but who cares, howard is the singlest most dangerous man i know right now and he will destroy australia, i have no doubt of that it is guaranteed, i am jsut waiting for it now.. and do you think his buddy bush will be there when we go down, no way, he will dump us asap, howard is the single worst priminister australia has ever seen.

please dont come here for a holiday while that man is in power, dont give him your money, save it until hopefully if we dont get killed soon, a more ethical government with a heart is elected, and you might get mistaken for an immigrant and that would mean a few yrs in detention, not nice and if you survive without killing yourself out of sheer depression and loss of will to live you will be harassed when out of detention because your a foreigner and should be assumed a terrorist (even if your from tasmania)

so now i will spend the next 4yrs tryign to stay alive, if i had a shot gun i may have dragged myself out and shot me by now, the sheer thought of watching my land go to the dogs, it is unbearable, i think i want to move to quite old new zealand for a whil and pay them my taxes and hard work, there is no point making australia a better place.

so i dont know what i will od, i dont want to slip into a 4yr bitter depression but feel i hae no oter options, ah this just sucks, so much for democracies, he won on lies, surely that dose not fit the meaning of democracy, just a total scam. now i am going to drag myself through today, and tomorrow and drag myself all over till i can get over this horrid blow...

October 9th, 2004, 07:10 PM
Aww Melanie,I am really sorry for Australia and everyone in it,except the ones that voted Howard.
He sounds like he wants to pull Australia back 30 yrs....but rest assure,once he starts chopping services,destroying the natural environment,people will raise there voices,I hope...
He must be a Bush donkey-kisser,what does he think that will get him :eek:

October 9th, 2004, 07:19 PM
Yeah, and if Bush gets defeated (wouldn't that be CATACLYSMIC), he'll have lost his buddy. I read somewhere that he's not planning on staying for the entire term (four years, mel? the article said three). Which makes you wonder why he ran at all. Must be an ego thing, isn't it always...

October 9th, 2004, 11:12 PM
he is actually 64yo and will retire soon, he has his little buddy tony abbot who wants to be priminster but cant under his own steam, so howard won this election and will retire in a year or so and hand it onto tony in a year, he has been asked directly when he wil retire and he does not answer it as he is definatly planning to do this, mongrels the lot of em i say....

yeah sadly it is a 4yr term, bummer, but im sure he will make bushes backside shiny in that time.

it is jsut down right depressing and really embarassing on an international level, we are up a creek without any paddles for a long time now :mad:

October 10th, 2004, 08:47 AM
Mel,I was reading in the paper this morning,that this is his fourth term,so Australia must be happy with his performance so far.. :confused: I am totally non-Conservative,since our PC government in Ontario managed to make poor people poorer,screw up our health-care and education...all the while filling their rich friends coffers,we had one labour-strike after the other!
However,when I got my wish of a Liberal provincial government,not much has changed,we still have a record of homeless families,people in need got a 3%raise,we now pay health-premiums.....but I believe the Liberals are a less evil cold-hearted party than the Conservative morons.
Our federal government is a minority Liberal gov,so we'll see what happens in the future.
I am actually no fan of Kerry,I wish Bush had a stronger opponent,not that I really care,but Bush's anti-gay-marriage and Bible-thumping is starting to get old :mad and his gigantic problem with Iraq,how will the US ever get out of that one :eek:

October 10th, 2004, 05:14 PM
quote'and his gigantic problem with Iraq,how will the US ever get out of that one'

ha he wont, and he will be taking us all the way down with him, wether we like it or not.

i feel so sick thinking about our government, it makes me furious and i can totally understand the mind set of extremists, when all is against you and you have no voice, it makes you wild with rage.

yes howard is in his 4th term but he only won this time by a sml margin, it was not a landslide or anything, he is a liberal, the government before him put us into a nasty financial mess 'the recession we had to have' and we all ended up bloody poor (well the poor got poorer any ways) so that is how howard got in in the first place, ppl were poor and needed a change and were terrified for their financial security. that was 12yrs ago.

he wasnt so bad before he fell in love with george bush, he didnt do much and we all pretty much ignored him, he was doing no harm at that stage. but now he loves georgie, and we are stuffed. oh and now he runs the whole senate, that is dangerous and involves many areas of vested interest, i think it should be illeagle.

the oposition was the labor party, they used to be popular when australia had more farmers on the land, my family is a traditional labor family but the howard govt have done their best to kill of the farmers and are doing a great job of it so less labor voters.

the labor party was too honest in their campaign, they did not lie, cheat, manipulate or just brainwash, they were honest, a big mistake that lost them the election, we dont wnat honesty here in the land of oz, jsut tell us what we want to hear and we will be happy you see..

john howard on the other hand out right lied in our faces, the lies were so blatant, and the majority red neck australia liked his lies, it made them feel better, traditionally australians dont like to discuss bad stuff. and do you know what, last week i was speaking to a young red neck who actually repeated those lies to my face and siad she believed them, i showed her undoubatable evidence the lies were just that, and she actually said' but they put them on tv, surely they are not allowed to lie on tv?' and she votes, that says alot about the stupid majority here, i tell you now i have lost all care and concern for that half of the aussie public, they cna rot in iraq with howard for all i care, they do not show any care for my land and its future so stuff them all i say. .there is a big divide forming.

and i am usually a very community orientaded person, i will not be anymore, i wont allow myself to be, as i dont know if i will be helping lib or labor supporters and i have no desire to help lib supporters, i wont be hellping anyone with their shopping any more i tell you, i cant and why should i, my country says my opinion is crap and dont care for my welfare so why should i extend a helping hand to anyone, see what this has done, i am now getting really bitter.

i have put a sign on the back of my car, it says 'if you voted for howard, i think your a w***a'. i hope it gets me some angry rednecks to argue with cause right now, i am so mad, i will come out swinging.

a good example of the current mind set of the almost 45% of aussie that voted labor- my father in law (a prominant and very successful lawyer) rang last night and sounded so sad, i said what is wrong, he said he cannot live with liberal govt any more, he is so terrified for our future and he is so disapointed with the aussie public, he was actually talking of moving out of the country as he will retire soon and cant bear to be here. that is your typical labor voter, a caring, thinking, honest person, who wants the best for society.

the typical liberal voter loves war from what i cna tell, i mean howard said there were never and WMD in the first place but lib supporters still love him and his little war, i think they are scared stupid little mice, 'oh no , some one mentioned war, well we best start the killing before they start' it is all pathetic scare tactics and i feel so angry at the stupid little ppl that supported him. a typical liberal voter is the following-
a few mths ago i was speaking with a father, he is 30yrs old and has 2 kids and a wife. when the war was mentioned his exact words were
'if i saw an iraq child or baby drowning, i would put my boot on their head and push them under', gee doesnt he sound like a well informed, intellegent, empathetic individual who actually gets to vote, and i have heard this sentiment repeated by the red necks, or should i say the ppl you definatly know are voting liberal.

so the rednecks rule, we have redneck majority here, but that is obvious from jsut walking around here. but the labor govt was very close, i think next time they may jsut get in, they were so close.

oh i need to stop, i am so angry, i just wnat to run the streets screaming and kicking, god help john howard if i ever catch him at one of his events, i really hope his security is top notch as i want to bite him hard on the shin :eek: thats if the other dont get him first

by the way if you get the chance, get yoruself a look at his wife, i swear they are twins :D and you know what i would not doubt it, that is the sort of man i think him to be.