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April 10th, 2012, 05:01 PM

Have never joined one of these before but read a couple and found its good to share experiences. My cat was recently tested and found that he is suffering from pancreatis. He has been prescribed pred 5 mg twice a day.
Since taking it (6 days now) he has not seemed well atall, he has gone off most food and am having to tempt him with chicken and fish, he sleeps all the time and looks spaced out, his eyes have sunken back and most of the time he spends just lying with paws tucked under him. I spoke to my vet as I was concerned this was not suiting him. She said that sometimes they do feel worse to begin with until they get used to it, to cut his dose down to half. Also am concerned as I go on holiday for a week in 8 days time for 7 days. My elderly mother who looks after my cats is not able to administer the tablet only crushed up in food but its almost a chore to get him to eat full stop with a tablet in I have no chance. Its totally stressing me out as I don't want to lose him also I don't want to cancel my holiday if I can really help it. He fell ill about 2 weeks after me booking the holiday or would never have booked it and am going to see a friend I have been promising to visit for a few years now. Any advice please.


April 10th, 2012, 05:56 PM
How was the pancreatitis diagnosed? Were there any symptoms that caused you to bring him to the vet?

Pancreatitis can be extremely painful and if the pred hasn't worked by now, I'd strongly suggest asking the vet about an analgesic at this point. The loss of appetite could be from pain.

It's really important to keep him eating so try a variety of different things. Plain chicken baby food mixed with a couple tsps of warm water might help. Canned Hill's A/D from the vet clinic is another option. Stinky canned foods like Fancy Feast fish varieties are popular with inappetant cats. Sprinkle parmesan cheese or pulverized freeze-dried chicken treats on top to help tempt him further.

The sunken eyes might be due to dehydration. When you pull up the skin on the back of his neck, does it take a while to relax back into position? If so, I would suggest taking him back to the vet asap for some fluids. Dehydration can make a cat feel really lousy and even less likely to eat, which sets up a vicious circle.

Some more info for you on assisted feeding and on pancreatitis:

April 11th, 2012, 02:16 PM

Thank you for your response. He was diagnosed as he had a serious of tests run. Firstly which checked, major organs and blood count and they all came back normal. I had then had further tests run which shows he is low in a particular enzime, suggested Inflamatory bowell disease or pancreatitis. Said she could not totally dismiss any tumour without opening and looking and taking bi-opsy. What prompted me to take him was that for about a week his bowell movement had been a bit lose he then got up in night and I heard him using his tray when looked it was really bad diarrhoea, next day I booked him in vets thinking it was just a some bug in his system, she just said he feels like he has lots of gas in him, she gave me pro-kolin+ and suggested doing the tests. Yesterday I cut his tablet to half and half this morning and he does seem a little brighter. I am giving him Jersey milk as it seems to be the only thing he will drink so at least he is getting fluids. He is just eating finely chopped chicken breast I have bought him everything on the shelves but he just sniffs it. I will try some of the food you have suggested. Thank you and I will take him back. These were vets recommended as my previous vets based in Solihull diagnosed him last year as having a mandibular tumour, he was messed around a lot and eventually took him for 2nd opinion to the vets I have now who found a tooth root left in from a dental to be the problem, I was overjoyed I was not going to lose him and now 9 months down the line he has this, he really has been through the mill of late.