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General Anesthesia Brain Damage

October 8th, 2004, 09:59 PM
I will try this again as my first message seemd not to go thru. Sorry if it does and I repeat myself. Our 7 month old female kitten (a runt) was spayed on Weds. morning. We brought her home that evening with what we were told was a normal reaction for a cat. She was rolling around like a feret, meowing, panting, head bashing, head bobbing. By the next morning I was convinced this was not normal and took her back to the vet. After exam they agreed it was not normal. They kept her and gave her SubQ fluids and a steroid shot. Last night she was a tiny bit better although still not able to walk along with all the above except the rolling around. This morning the vet called me after talking with the tech who was there and looking at Lily's records. The vet who did the surgery is not available until Monday. We had another vet come in who has had this experience 4 other times with cats and anesthesia. Two didn't make it, one is permantly blind, and the other pretty much recovered. THAT is the hope we are hanging onto. We went over the surgery, anesthesia, and monitoring protocol. They say that at no time did Lily have an espisode of hypoxia. Having said that one of the vets said "she had to have had an episode of hypoxia at some time." They are keeping her until tomorrow. This afternoon I took in canned food she loves and fed that to her as she was not eating their dry food. They gave her yet another canned food she gobbled with a vengence and that I take as a good sign. However, she can barely walk....walks backwards very feebly, stretches her neck as if looking for something and bobs her head while meowing. You can tell there is brain damage. Thankfully, Lily is NOT blind. She looks me in the eyes as she always has. She's a get in your face kind of kity. They did testing on her to make sure she was not blind. They also did blood testing for liver and kidneys and that came back ok. We are devastated that we took in our little baby as a healthy kitten and now she's so sick.
Anyone have any experience with this? Oh, she did have a reaction to her Feline Leukemia shot and they only gave her one. She is a total indoor kity.

October 9th, 2004, 08:54 AM
I am so sorry for you and your kitty :( I don't have any answers for you, i'll leave that for the experts. Perhaps this post should be moved to the "ask a vet section" you may get a reply from the vet. The only thing i would suggest is follow the vet recommendations, kept your kitty in a safe quiet place, and don't lose hope :) I have heard of many stories where animals really pull through major health concerns :) Sending you and your kitten good thoughts.

heeler's rock!
October 9th, 2004, 09:06 AM
I too am very sorry for you and your kitty... :(

Just one question, why did you leave her with the same people that did this to her? Or am I just missing something and she's at a different vet?