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March 22nd, 2012, 08:59 AM
Hi there all!

I have a beautiful part snowshoe kitty. But ever since I can remember she loves to eat wood and chew on wires. I have a spray bottle of water and she will sustain for awhile then another day is back to it. WHY?

And when is being in heat last for...1st time around?


March 24th, 2012, 11:02 PM

Concerning the wire chewing, there are a few options out there. They sell some wire covering especially for pets who have this problem; it's like a tube in which you put all the wires so your cat won't be able to get to them, this is good for places in the house where there are lots of wires ex; behind the TV, the sound system. It's also good for wires that stay at the same place all the time, like alarm clock radio, microwave, etc.

The problem with these ''specialty'' wire encasing tubing is that they are pretty costly...
A simple and cheap alternative is to go to the hardware store and buy by the foot the type of tubes/hoses that are used for plumbing, you simply pass your electric wires one by one in this, secure both ends with duct tape, and voila! The same result at a fraction of the cost. Make sure that the tubing is wide enough to allow the ''plug'' to go through...

They also sell in pet supply stores a product that is citrus based that you apply on the wires or wood, as cats usually dislike the taste and smell of citrus, this could also work, but you need to re apply it frequently.
It works with some cats, but others will see no difference and keep chewing away, with the risk of electrecution that comes with it!

There are also many toys/products out there for cat who like to chew, one of them that some of my cats who like to chew enjoy is called the ''Tickle Pickle'', you will find this toy if you google it. It is filled with cat nip, costs about 10$ and they can deliver it to your door, you may also find it in pet stores, I am not certain, as I ordered mine online. I have an avid chewer!

My friend's cat is also a ''chewer'', he prefers to chew on raw hide type of toys made for dogs!!!
If your cat likes to chew things, it is probably best to provide him with his own appropriate chew toys than to try to eleminate this behavior. He just likes to chew, so if he has his personal chew toys, he can keep on chewing without damaging your things and hurting himself.
Of course, it is NOT a good idea to give your cat real bones to chew on, as he may injure himself by ingesting small pieces off bone!


As for the being in heat part, well it NEVER stops until you spay your cat!

Some cats will have two or three heat periods per year that last anywhere between 5 to 15 days, and other cats will be in heat almost every month...

When looking for a vet to spay your cat, it's worth calling around, as the prices vary... here in Montreal, it goes from 80$ to 300$, so take a phone book and spend an hour or so calling around, it's worth it!

Beware also of vets who will ask if you want to de-claw your cat at the same time as the spay!!!

I am not saying they are incompetant vets, they are just trying to make more money... so make sure to specify that you only wish to spay your cat!

There is no need to de-claw a cat.
Many problems can arise from doing that.
You will find many articles and opinions about the matter in this forum, so I won't elaborate too much in this matter.
De-clawing amounts to amputating the first phalanges... Cruel and NON necessary.

I hope this info helps you, let us know how things turn out!

And if you have a few pics of your cat, feel free to post them, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see him!