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Lost black pitbull dog - eglinton & kennedy, scarborough

March 20th, 2012, 07:41 PM
MISSING SINCE MARCH 20: black male pitbull dog, medium sized, blue collar with tags "Blaise", white/pink belly, hair balding on his back. He is energetic and loves people. PLEASE contact Gary @ 416 909 5711 or 416 759 9423, reward if found.

March 20th, 2012, 07:47 PM
Normally I would have recommended to contact pounds and shelters.
However if your dog is not grandfathered then I really don't know what you can do without calling attention to this situation. If the dog is not muzzled that too will cause an issue.

Good luck. This is a tough one...

April 1st, 2012, 08:19 AM

check that guy out iunno if hes yours or not but i came accross u while i was looking for my lost cockatiel and then i saw that there is the pitbull in the shelter hes got pics and was found even tho its far whoever turned him in could have picked him up on there way home from work and dropped him at a shelter thats convenient.