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Ear Mites in Cats

March 18th, 2012, 02:09 AM

Since the nice weather is finally back, I like to sit on my front patio with my cats. A friend of mine told me that if my cats go outside, they will/can catch ear mites, because, according to her, spring is ''ear mite season''.

My front patio is not linked by stairs to the ground (I am on a 3rd floor), no other animals go there and I am the only one to use it. There are no trees that are anywhere close by either. All I have on the patio are the earth containers in which I grow vegetables and flowers and herbs in the summer. I clean it real good all the time so there is not dirt of trash or anything dirty there.

My question is the following: is it true that ''just by being outside'' my cats can catch ear mites?

I never had this issue since it's the first time my cats go out on the patio in the spring ( I lived elsewhere last spring where the cats had no outdoor access). They did go out on my patio last fall, and they didn't catch ear mites then...

Can anyone help me with this?


March 18th, 2012, 11:26 AM
I would double check with your vet, but I would say not. From what I've read, ear mites seem to be spread from animal to animal contact. I suppose ear mite infections might rise in the spring, with folks letting their pets outside to roam after a long winter, so that may be where your friend is getting the idea from. Unless you have strays that come up to your balcony, I doubt you have much to worry about. But like I said, double check with your vet, and if you're really worried, ask about prevention.

March 20th, 2012, 11:56 PM
All my cats get the ''revolution treatment'' once in February, and around August/September. I do not give it monthly, I mainly use it to prevent fleas and avoid them having worms. Though they do not go outside, except for the front patio, which is on the 3rd floor with no access to other cats, as there are no stairs leading there, they are also never in contact with other pets.
I was a bit concerned about the ear mite possibility, but it seems that the risks are very low....