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October 8th, 2004, 05:55 AM
Well, how was that for a kick in the teeth. Not only did the ladies win twice, but Sarge tossed did he put it, something like he wouldn't want Brady to go, he was good at gathering food... I am glad the ladies won 'DUH', they learned a lot about different ways of seeking foods, roots, etc., and they came together as a group. There wasn't much bickering after that, or they just didn't show it.

Now, does anyone watch The Apprentice? Oh, the Donald's hair, wouldn't you like to get in it with a shaver...just get rid of it. Heck, he's got enough pocket change, he could get implants. As for kicking off Pamela; she was one tough bitch, I wouldn't want her as my boss. Opps forgot, I am my boss. I wonder when Stacy R will go... I can't imagine her as a lawyer, she looks so so so young, like a child.