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Dog Food recommendation (switch from JD)

March 2nd, 2012, 01:23 PM
I am a new member to the group. I am hoping someone will help me with the food situation. My almost 3 year old American Bull Dog has been on Hills RX JD dry dog food for 8 months. He is a rescue and had a broken leg that healed on its own. Therefore, he has early onset arthritis. He also has a GI problem and gets bloody diarrhea from time to time. He is also prone to allergies. Anyway, he was on Blue Buffalo for 1 year, then due to the GI and Blue recalls, the vet recommended Hills RX JD. He has now developed anal sac disease. After researching, it seems that it might be the poor quality dog food. I am trying to switch him to natural balance limited ingredient chicken and sweet potato. It has only been a few days, he had a bloody diarrhea the first day, then was fine. I am only giving him half JD and half natural balance. He is still having the anal 'leak' problem though. Any thoughts or help on this matter. My vet will not recommend any dog food other than Hills or Purina. And most of my research shows those foods to be not great. He had diarrhea the first day of the small amount of new food, then solid poop for 3 days.

It has been 2 more days, still on half and half old and new food. My dog is still having anal problems. And a horrible smell. I keep cleaning his back end and he is having diarrhea again. Do I stop giving him the new food? Today is Sunday. I am going to the vet tomorrow.