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Hairless Kitten from Siamese X Siamese

February 20th, 2012, 09:15 PM
HI, I recently acquired a hairless kitten from Siamese X Siamese. There are no out crosses to other hairless breeds. We live in a small community in which the Sphynx is relatively new and very rare and have no Peterbalds in our province.
I've shown his picture to breeders and they are ruling out a Sphynx lineage threw his body type and facial feature, lack of duvet on the bridge of his nose etc. He looks exactly like a bald Peterbald with Siamese points. There was 3 kittens in the litter- 2 bald and one with fur but very very lightly on the underside.
I am wondering if anybody has heard of or seen this mutation and what was the life expectancy, possible health issues......??? Should this gene be preserved if genetic testing is sound?

March 1st, 2012, 08:24 AM

Do you have any pictures you could post so we could see the little guy?
I am no expert, but a picture is worth a thousand words!
It could be helpfull to see him, and maybe his parents on picture...
Perhaps it could help give suggestions...
Also, does the person you got him from know who the parents were?
Did the parents have any other kittens that were hairless?
The more info you can give, the better we can all try to help!