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Doggie Diapers

February 15th, 2012, 07:01 PM
So, I have a bit of a strange question, but maybe someone will have a recommendation for us. I'll start by explaining...

For quite some time now, Keely's been having some issues in the mornings with peeing before we could get her outdoors. Since we live in an apartment building, we have to release her from her playpen, leash her, go down the hallway, and then out the door before she can pee. We tried many different methods of teaching her, but we continued to have a problem. Even if we try to keep her up in our arms until we get out, she just pees all over us.

Now, as many of you know, Keely does have some medical issues and we discussed it with our vet. He said that he didn't think she had an infection or anything wrong in particular, but that maybe the medications were making it a bit harder for her to hold it. When we leave her in the daytime, she does not pee in the house and she can be left for about 8 hours. We scoop her up as soon as we get in the door (she's usually still half asleep at this point) and bring her out. But for some reason, the mornings are a big issue.

So, in discussion with our trainers, we decided to try to use diapers on her for the night/mornings. It is more a management solution than a real solution, but we needed a way to cut down on the stress for both us and her in the mornings. Plus, they had some success in the past using the diapers to train other difficult dogs. Since using the diapers for about two months now, we really do think that she has an issue that makes her unable to hold the pee. Most dogs will stop peeing in the diapers because of the unpleasant feeling of being wet. Keely still does it almost every morning. We're okay with this though and things have been much better since we started using the diapers.

Okay, so to get down to the problem. When we first started with the diapers we bought a small pack and we can't remember the brand name. They were in the bargain bin at PetValu. We ran out and bought another pack - Simple Solution, also from PetValu. Now, these Simple Solution ones have just been terrible. The "tail hole" is in the wrong place and the pee just leaks out the hole and all over the floor. We can't seem to find any other brand around. Does anyone else have any experience with the disposable diapers for dogs? Or know of a good brand?

We have thought about using the washable ones, but it would just not be practical for us because she pees in them every morning, we'd need to wash them like every day or at least a few times a week. Plus the washable ones do not seem absorbent enough.

Okay, sorry for the long winded post. :o Any help would be great! :)

February 15th, 2012, 10:01 PM
Hi Serena!!

We actually have the same problem with Nookie (or did... he grew out of it for the most part). He will still have problems on occasion. We think with him, he just doesn't realize he has to go until that very moment, then it's too late to get him out the door. With him, we used a belly band. Our vet had a great recommendation, and that was to use the fabric belly band (male diaper) and use Kotex pads for the liners. They're actually cheaper than the diapers and hold quite a bit. Maybe try cloth diapers with a pad. I don't know if that will work for Keely, but it did for Nookie! :D

I hope she's doing well otherwise... and you too, of course! :grouphug: