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My Poor Rescue!!!!

October 6th, 2004, 07:04 PM
The other day I received the saddest and worst news I have had a in a really long time. Below is a copy of a newsletter I receive from a rescue I recently I got my new fur baby from. I love this rsecue so much that I am whole-heartedly, 100% devoted to them now. The woman who runs this rescue has the biggest heart I have ever known. She loves every animal that she rescues and goes way out of her way to find them foster homes. She runs a No Kill rescue, will find a home for every animal - even if it is hours away, she takes animals in from hours away, and drives them to homes to make it more convenient for adopters if they do not have a vehicle and to ensure every animal finds the right forever home. I mean, this rescue she runs is absolutely amazing. It all comes out of her pocket and the foster families pockets. I am one of the last people to have received a voucher from the Westminster Pet Sanctuary. When she brought Orlando (then Quincy) to my home she explained to me that she only uses this vet as he is the only one who would help her little rescue after contacting many. She also told me that he has been working with them for so long that he is the only one that she trusts because he is so amazing at what he does and loves all the animals he has worked with. Before this whole thing came about she would also pick up the newly adopted pet when they were ready to go for their n/s if you could not get there and bring them back. Anyway, enough of my explanation and chatter - please read on and let me know your thoughts and feelings. Sorry for the length but this has been very upsetting and is important to me.

Effective immediately I can no longer issue spay/neuter certificates for
critters in my care.

It seems someone who adopted from me decided to ignore the fact that the
critter adopted must be spayed or neutered at Lansdowne animal hospital (which is
stated very clearly on the adoption agreement)and decided to bring their
animal into Carling animal hospital for the spay.

Carling animal hospital called my Vet and threatened legal action against
myself, and report him to the CVC (Canadian Veterinary College) for "swaying of

Apparently I am not allowed to deal with one Vet exclusively or "force"
others into using my Vet of choice.

Sadly Dr Z at Lansdowne Animal Hospital is the only Animal Hospital that
opened his arms to our small rescue organization (no other Vet's were willing to
give us a spay neuter deal) and for him being kind, he could face having his
certification stripped as a result and our small little Sanctuary could face
legal action.

Let me say..Dr Z has allowed us to accumulate $1000's worth of debt with him
without so much as a peep or charge a dime of interest. He has been there for
us morning, noon, night, long weekends and any other time we have needed him. He has saved hundred's of animals from sure death as a result of his
kindness. I am truly sickened at the fact that his kindness has caused such trouble
for him and his practice.

I want it to be known, we never intentionally tried to "sway" people from
their own Vet..however, their "own Vet" might not have been willing to give us a
deal on spaying/neutering which is why we could not use them.

Anyone who has one of our spay/neuter will be honoured at
Lansdowne. We have promised not to issue anymore as of today's date.

Pity though..we were subsidizing every adoption personally. We charged
merely $75 for a healthy kitten, dewormed, vaccinated, health checked and with the
spay/neuter certificate. Sadly we can no longer do that.

We will now only charge $50 with a health check, first set of vaccinations,
deworming and the spay/neuter will be up to the new critter owner. We know as
a result we will be able to take in far less animals in need of urgent care
and adopt out much fewer as a result.

Pity when once again money comes before anything..and sadly the reality is,
animals will die as a result.

Westminster Pet Sanctuary

Please NO one contact Carling Animal Hospital or the CVC as a result. I
think it would just add more fuel to the fire and pee them off quicker into the
courts, which is something I do not need at this point (and I doubt Dr Z would



October 6th, 2004, 07:52 PM
That is really too bad. How sad that the animals suffer again!
You are doing a great thing for the animals and you will still do a great job, my hat comes off to you.

I once lived in Ottawa and went to Landsdowne aswell, I don't see anything wrong with Dr Z helping and keeping the costs down, how sad it that for Carling to cry. They sure make alot of money on their own. :( Again the old mighty dollar wins.

Kona Dawg
October 6th, 2004, 08:12 PM
I see no reason why that rescue cannot have a spay/neuter contract through
the spay/neuter clinic in Ottawa. Its my belief that this is the clinic that the voucher is good for through the humane society. The rescue would have no problem with issue's of swaying of customers to other clinics as the spay/neuter clinic only does spay/neuter's. Its also discounted/subsidized by the city to begin with. I would imagine that an additional deal could be worked out.

October 7th, 2004, 01:49 PM
It is not MY rescue - as in I am not the one who runs it. I meant it as this is a rescue I am totally devoted to so it is "my" rescue. Sorry for the confusion Goldenblaze :o

I really care about this rescue as it is such an amazing place and the woman who runs it is just incredible. I am wondering if she has tried the spay/neuter clinic in Ottawa....(?). I knew I would be able to get good advice, suggestions, and support through the wonderful people in this forum. Keep it coming and thank you so much!


October 7th, 2004, 07:06 PM
If you want suggestions ;) If they can't afford spay/neuter before about charging an adoption fee that covers the spay/neuter, and before the adopters take the animal home, it goes to the vets for the big nip. Owners take home an already spayed/neutered pet, no worries! THS USED to do this, no longer though. :(

October 8th, 2004, 10:31 AM
Thanks Spurby! That is a great one! I cannot wait to get back to Kelli with all these great ideas! :)

You guys are awesome!

October 8th, 2004, 10:44 AM
How about going to the press? I cannot believe what she is doing is illegal, they are simply trying to intimidate her. Expose them! and at the same time give the rescue some publicity (although rescues don't always want it, anticipating a floodtide of animals)

October 8th, 2004, 10:45 AM
How infuriating that someone who is only trying to help these animals gets into trouble for it. Well if Carling would have offered a discount I am sure she would have used them as well. But in my opinion i would tell everyone that I know not to deal with the Carling clinic since it is obvious that they are motivated by money and not by the animals needs. I would and luckily have a very caring and compassionate vet. But I would make no bones about telling as many as I could about this petty clinic. I am so sorry about what is happening to this loving rescue and a vet that obviously cares deeply about the welfare of the animals.

October 8th, 2004, 12:16 PM
Actually, it is illegal. Here is the document from the Ontario College of Veterenarians, which you have to be a member of to practise as a vet.

The only way they could get around it is if the adoption is only considered complete upon spay/neuter, and therefore they are still considered 100% the owners up until it is done. And as the owner they have the right to say which vet the people have to take the pets too.

October 8th, 2004, 12:53 PM
Yes, it is illigal but she was never informed of this and I am sure that she would not have told DR. Z that he was her only vet....why would she? She would probably would not have thought of it. Therefore they may both be punished for something they did not know about. It was a small mistake (but a big mistake) based on lack of information. If Dr.Z gets through this - which I am crossing my fingers that he does - Kelli's beautiful organization will still suffer because of this.

As well, as stated in the original post, please do not attempt to contact Carling - it would only make things worse for both parties and they do not need anymore trouble than they already have.

I am going to pass all of this information on to Kelli tonight if I can - If not Monday evening.

Thanks again guys! I will still keep reading and gathering ideas and support as long as you keep writing:)

October 15th, 2004, 10:55 AM
Hello all you wonderful animal lovers!!!!! :D

I received an update from the Westminster Pet Sactuary on this whole ordeal. I was thinking about posting it in a seperate thread later on tonight or tomorrow - if you guys are interested?

Think I should? Or just give a brief idea of what is happening?

:love: Tyr

October 15th, 2004, 11:41 AM
I'm interested..