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URGENT!How to"WINTERIZE" your DOGGYS with $1 Store Purchases!:)

January 13th, 2012, 08:31 PM
To all of you "loving" :dog:dog owners! I am writing this message, on behalf of many of your dogs, who have no choice, and are sadly, :( forced to have pain :cry: in their paws > from the burning salt and chemicals on the sidewalks, and to feel very cold from the chilling temperatures - when you are taking them outside for a walk! I want to give you some ideas, and inform you, that there are ways to "WINTERIZE" your dog inexpensively:lightbulb:, so that they will be warm,:dog: and their paws will not be burnt ...... just like you are equipped with your coat and boots, because :angel2: you LOVE :lovestruck: your you can show your dog that you truly ARE are a responsible, loving and caring dog owner!
I live in Montreal, :ca: Canada. I have :lightbulb:discovered that at the $1. stores - it IS POSSIBLE:D to purchase 4 dog boots (in a package) for $1.! HURRAY! They are very easy to put on as they are made of fleece, and have a velcro fastening. There are no hard painful seams inside. Nice and soft and absolutely wonderful! PLEASE purchase several packages so that if your dog loses one, then you can always have stock on hand (they are only $1!!) and (OMG!!) :laughing: you can also get little dog coats for $1. all in the same section where they have the dog and cat supplies, toys, treats, etc. And here is another idea > for smallish dogs, you can purchase at the $> neck warmers:lightbulb: (for humans) and as they are made like a tube, you can place one on your doggy's neck and another one around your dog's midsection, in between their front and back legs! These are usually found in the aisle where they have the gloves, scarves, etc. (and PLEASE >>> :angel2: PAY IT FORWARD!! Buy some winter boots and coats and give gifts, for your friend's, neighbour's, relative's dogs!)
Woof Woof :dog: > that is "Thank you" from your dog!
:pray: Please think of your dog's :dog: well being and so they will be safe and warm during the winter. Thank you!!