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Karma or? Something that happened today.

January 7th, 2012, 07:36 PM
As some of you know, our cat Loudmouth crossed the bridge unexpectedly on Thursday.

Today on the way to work I had something happen that I would like to share.

I stopped for coffee as usual on the way in. Across the street from the Tim Hortons Coffee shop there is a Petcetera store that has cats for adoption from our Humane Society and People 4 Animals Rescue. As I was leaving the Tim's with my coffee, my truck just kinda made its own way into the turning lane to go toward the Petcetera. It has never done that on its own accord before.

I went in and had a look at the two cats available from rescue. Neither showed much interest in my presence. From there I went to the Humane Society room where there were five or six cats of varying age in a community setting. There were a couple of orange tabby's, a grey, a black and a white as well. I went in as was greeted by both orange tabby's and the grey. I knelt to let them smell my hand in greeting. All greeted me but one of the orange tabby's did something that just kinda blew me away. He is a little orange tabby with a white chest and is about six months old. He sniffed my hand and let me pet him. Then it he jumped up and put his paws on my knee. Again a pet and chin scratch. It seemed that within a second or two he was up on my leg, front paws up on my shoulder giving kitty kisses, face rubs and purring up a storm.

I was able to pick him up, cradle him and give some cuddles and happy words with ease. Knowing I have to be at work, I put him down and started to head toward the door. Well - I had a tail :)

It killed me to have to walk out that door without him wrapped up in my arms and adoption papers in hand. Is it karma or Loudmouth sending good kitty vibes to say "I am ok and you will be too" I dont know. I will sure be thinking hard with both my heart and head (and trying to convince my wife that yes dear, we do still need 7 cats in our lives) about this little guy over the weekend.

I may even try to sneak back on the way to work tomorrow for a picture or 2.


January 7th, 2012, 07:51 PM
Bill, sounds like you should sneak back in and whack an adopted sticker on that little darling. :)

January 8th, 2012, 07:39 AM
There is a saying that I live by:
You do not get what you want; but what you need.

I think it is an indication that Loudmouth is say he wants another to be loved as much as he was. There is obviously still room in your heart for just one more.