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Control Unleashed Classes Experiences?

January 1st, 2012, 04:54 PM
Does anyone have any experience with attending control unleashed classes?

My dogs have now learned to walk nicely on a leash and everything would be perfect except for their, and one in particular, penchant to go absolutely crazy when they see a dog approaching. This is 100x worse when the 3 of them are together.

They can sit in a circle in class with other dogs, they can walk beside another dog on the trail..but approach/have another dog approach them?/!! It is immediate lemon brain.

Interestingly enough, the dog that is the first one to go crazy barking and hair the first to want to play with the new dog. So not "aggressive" just totally jazzed up to see a potential friend I guess. I have found extreme excitement or arousal in my otherwise friendly dogs can devolve into snappy behaviour if they are allowed to meet other dogs/people in that state.

Problem is when you are walking down the don't have the choice about meeting an oncoming person always. Plus people always pop out of nowhere just as you are stopping to pick up some poo. It never fails.

So anyway, my trainer is supposed to be putting on some control unleashed classes and just wondering what to expect. Did you see a big improvement?

I have the book and videos, but haven't watched them yet. One dog will bark at dogs on the tv so i haven't had the gumption to deal with watching videos yet.

January 2nd, 2012, 01:10 PM
I have the book and the DVD and they are GREAT. Think Tony the Tiger great. LOL. REad your book, watch your DVD.

I have had tremendous success getting my Lab (only one dog though) past two who charge their fences at us and even one BC who comes out and stalks us.

Premack Principle isn't new but McDevitt's presentation is fresh. I'd try classes as well if they were available locally. If you go please report back.