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peeiing in house loosing my mind

December 31st, 2011, 10:37 AM
any help on house training? We've tried everything!

December 31st, 2011, 11:32 AM
I really feel for you. I have a four month old puppy that was doing the same thing. I would take her out, then when we were back in the apt, she would stand and pee right in front of me. Like you I was at my wits end. I have never had a puppy be so slow to train.

Anyway I had the vet look at her to see if there was any physical reason, even though in my mind, it was just a training problem, and it turns out she has a urinary tract infection. I thought she was staying dry in her crate during the night. Checked the blanket a couple of times, it seemed ok. So couldn't figure out why she could make it all night, and then pee in the house. Anyway today I took the blanket out and it did smell like pee. It was just drying overnight, so I didn't feel any wet.

Not saying that is your puppies problem, but just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

I was wondering how long you take him out for when he doesn't pee. Has he got time to mess around for five minutes and then see if he goes.

So far I have thrown out two rugs, I am about to throw out another one today. I use the vinagar and baking powder, but to be honest I think it just makes my house smell more and isn't really working. I went ahead and splurged on the Pet enzyme cleaner, not cheap, 26 bucks a gallon, or half gallon, anyway it works much better at getting rid of the pee stain and smell.

I have also gotten to the point where I don't take her out every time she hits the bell. I was starting to feel as if I were being trained to be at her beck and call. Because, like your puppy, she just wanted to play. Although she does always pee when we go. So now if we have just come in and five minutes later she wants to go out, I have her lay down somewhere in the same room as me. I give her a toy or rawhide and if she really wants to go out she will ignore them and hit the bell again. If she is just messing around the toy or treat will keep her happy.

Sorry this post was so long, I hope things improve


December 31st, 2011, 12:26 PM
How old is your dog? Training can take some time.

One extreme suggestion that I've had from our trainer is to try a diaper method. You can buy the diapers at the pet store for around 30-40 cents a piece and usually you would only need one pack. Dogs that wear the diapers will generally pee in them once or twice and then realize they hate being wet and will stop. You can take the diaper off 3-5 times a day and give them a chance to relieve themselves outside. After a while, they will become trained and you can stop using the diaper. If they continue to pee in the diaper, they most likely have a medical problem.

We use the diaper for our youngest dog who has various medical issues that make it difficult for her to hold her pee, but only overnight. She can hold it overnight, but when she wakes up in the morning, she often ended up peeing before we could get her out the door (since we live in an apartment building and it's so cold, she'd have to be harnessed, put her coat on, walk down the hall, etc.). We've only been doing this for about a week now and she's already stopped peeing in the diaper. We get her all ready and take the diaper just before we leave the apartment.

If this method has helped her with all her medical issues, I'm almost sure it could help a healthy dog. Hope this is something you haven't tried yet!