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Winston's love reaches Sasha

December 23rd, 2011, 09:33 PM
Dear Winston has done it again....she sent some wonderful scarves (20!!!) for me to take to the Edmonton Humane Society, among the scarves were two Santa hats, I had to keep one for Sasha and took the other along with the scarves to EHS. I will take some more pictures that will hopefully be better then these.

Merry Christmas everyone, wet kisses and hugs from our home to yours. :party::p:grouphug:



Thank you Winston!!!!:lovestruck: patti

December 24th, 2011, 06:16 AM
Patti you are so welcome! Thank you for the sweet pics of your Sasha! I absolutely love them! I will treasure them! I do hope that the scarves make a few puppers happy! thank you for allowing me to give!! :thumbs up and I hope your adventure with them brings you a few smiles!

December 24th, 2011, 09:23 AM
Sasha looks wonderful in her holiday get-up, Patti!!! :flirt: Winston, you bring so much cheer to so many :grouphug: Merry Christmas to both of you!

December 24th, 2011, 09:27 AM
Sasha is like so many other doggies, when you put anything on her the poor girl just freezes. At least she can sit and let me take a picture....mostly. patti

December 24th, 2011, 09:28 AM
:laughing: I'd say that's a least for picture-taking! :D