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Puzzled About Dog's Health

December 18th, 2011, 04:00 PM
I am hoping anyone out there has seen this before in their dogs. For the past several months, our 3-1/2 year old male Bouvier will have one day a week where he will not eat, have little energy, will have 1 or 2 vomiting episodes of either phlegm or food on that day, and sometimes has diarrhea on just that one day. We have had him to the vet several times, and they cannot find anything wrong. Blood tests and fecal tests have yielded nothing but normal results.

He is an indoor dog and is never fed anything but his dog food. He also has not gotten into anything and eaten something that would be the culprit.

Here's the puzzling part; every single one of these weekly episodes has been on Sunday, which is the only day that we sleep in a little bit later than the other days of the week. He is fed around 7:15 every morning, and on Sunday's, we tend to sleep until maybe 8:00, and he is fed after going out to do his "business", around 8:30.

Today makes the third consecutive Sunday he has refused to eat, and has slept all day. By the next day, you wouldn't even know anything was wrong. We feed him a small snack of his dog food each night at 8 PM, since our vet thought perhaps his empty tummy was causing the problem, but that has not helped.

I have never seen this before and am wondering what in the world could be causing this. My next plan is to set the alarm and get up earlier next Sunday to see if that makes a difference. We feed him Eukanuba Lamb and Rice and I plan on switching him to Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato, and will start the transition this week.

Any ideas? Thanks!!

December 18th, 2011, 05:52 PM
So peculiar that it should be so predictable. Is there anything you do on Saturday that you don't do the rest of the week?