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dog w/nasal cancer

mommys mommy
December 11th, 2011, 03:50 PM
i rescued a dog about 10 months ago about a month later she stated having nose bleeds which got progressively worse i live in southern costa rica where no decent vets exist i did take her to one whom i would not go back too as in the last few months he has killed two of my beautiful healthy cats b/c of gross negligence but more on that later he gave her antibiotics which did not help

doing research of my own i concluded she had nasal cancer bleeding from one side of her nose mouth breathing etc the nasal bleeding was fairly heavy but never life threatening all the while she was eating well active and acted perfectly normal about 4 months ago a bump appeared on the right side of her muzzle the side where she bled from which i concured was the tumor after the appearance she had bleeding from both sides of her nose and started to develop nasal infections which she has recovered from on her on actually the nasal infections cleared up so quickly i never had a chance to get her antibiotics
she has gone days w/out eating much and rallied w/her appetite returning

also when the tumor appeared the nosebleeds had stopped for about a month

in the last few days i could tell she has not been feeling well she has not been eating much and her breath really smells bad

i have been looking inside her mouth ever since the bump appeared

today i looked in her mouth and saw a molar hanging down right under where the tumor is it was pretty loose so i gave it a tug and out it came
it did not seem to be decayed but what was left in the gumline appeared pretty nasty

i am guessing this is the tumor pushing thru

i know she needs to be seen by a vet but there are NONE that i can take her to where i live

the only good vets are in Panama about an hour from here by bus

she is a dobie so she is not a small dog and i could not take her on the bus well i could take her on the bus if i dont mind having her tied to the roof in the blistering sun or pouring rain thats what they do here

a taxi costs about 20 USD one way that is if you can find some one that is willing to take her inside their taxi most will just put a large dog in the trunk

i really do not know what to do

i am sure she is in pain and needs some treatment to clean out the area and antibiotics

i did get her to eat a bit of sardines earlier

i really dont know what to do

i hate it here and plan on moving back to an area w/proper vetrinary care but that will not happen for a while

i simply cannot afford to take taxis anyways

i am thinking i should put her down she still has some pep and will eat a bit but i can not give her proper care any longer

i am heartbroken

has anybody had any experience w/a nasal tumor going thru the upper teeth

can anybody reccomend an antibiotic i can get her at the pharmacy and pain meds no prescription needed here