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How to stop whining

December 9th, 2011, 09:54 AM
Kasee is a nine year old dog we've had for quite a few years. Up until recently we had two dogs (Emily went to the Rainbow Bridge about a month ago :rip::() and since then we've changed things for the better. Before, both dogs spent most of their time in the great room - Emily was a very highly stressed dog and didn't like to be around people much and they didn't like to be separated so that worked quite well. Both of them were fine in there and we'd spend whatever time we could in there with them. With just Kasee now, we've been bringing Kasee out of the great room with us for the vast majority of the day. She sleeps there at night and we put her in there when we can't watch her (otherwise she'll eat all of the cat's food and shred stuff). She is absolutely fine in there at night and when we're not in the house (or if she thinks we aren't:rolleyes:). She just sleeps quietly.

When she knows we're here and she's in there, she whines constantly. This actually means she spends MORE time in there because I won't bring her out when she's whining because I don't want to encourage the behavior. As it is, she spends a couple of hours in there at the most during the day (and it would probably be less if I could convince her that if she's quiet we'll bring her out as soon as we can) and maybe six to seven hours at night.

I don't think this is anxiety because, as I said, she seems perfectly happy when she thinks we're not here anyway. I know that it's only that she wants to be with us but there are times when we can't be watching her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate waiting until she quiets because she can keep it up for hours and it means she spends much more time trapped in there than any of us want (she's very cuddly and sweet and I'd prefer to have her with me most of the time:lovestruck:). She's a complete couch potato - she just comes out to sleep with us for the most part so I don't think it's excess energy either. It's just that she's not getting what she wants. :rolleyes:

December 9th, 2011, 10:48 AM
I'm sorry, but at 9 yrs old? Can she not have free run of the house? She is still destructive? Put the cat food up on a shelf.......

December 11th, 2011, 06:36 AM
She's still destructive. Although she's generally happy with her squeaky toys, she still shreds any paper or cardboard she comes across.:shrug:

As for the cat food, about three years ago, one of the cats broke his hind leg. He's pretty much ok now (although he's got about 9 pins in it) but he can't jump more than a couple of feet off the ground. I've tried to get the cats on a schedule so that they will come eat when I put the food down but we have some... um, disagreements, among the cats so they will rarely all be in the same place at the same time. If Misty is around, Shadow and Spirit won't come within ten feet of the room. If Anya is around, Storm won't. If Shadow is around, Zander won't... Etcetera.:wall:

As for having free run of the house, she occasionally does but there are times when she needs to be kept contained - such as when my allergic friend comes around. I coop the cats upstairs, put Kasee in the great room, vacuum til I drop, power up my air purifier and my friend is fine but Kasee can't be anywhere near her comfortably.

Really, I just feel that, at 9 years old, she ought to be able to learn not to whine. I just don't know how to do it. She used to bark at my foster son but I managed to train her not to (that took a concerted effort - he would come in in his motorcycle helmet and she would go batty) but I knew how to do it. I don't know how to train her not to whine. :shrug:

December 27th, 2011, 09:11 PM
She sounds bored, to be quite honest. We used to confine Sparky, and when he got free run he'd tear up everything. But eventually he got used to the free-run rules and now we can leave him while we leave the house, free.

Take a day, and follow her around, correcting her. It wont be long before it gets through to her that she's not allowed to do those things.