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Introducing new cat???

December 3rd, 2011, 12:11 PM
I just adopt a new cat yesterday and try to introduce him to my old one, Hachi. Hachi seems curious rather than aggressive toward the new one. He hissed a little bit in the beginning but after a while he just laid down near the new cat and look at him. I kept them in separate rooms for a day but they tried to play with each other under the door so I let them out. The older cat often chases the younger one down, sits on him and bite his neck. I dont know if it hurts for the new one coz he doesnt meow or something. I try to separate them out every time they do this but I'm just wondering if they are just playing with each other or really are fighting and if my intervene is necessary. This is the first time I introduce 2 cats to each other so I dont know how to let the old one know that I still love him as much and he shouldnt feel jealous of the other.

Your help is much appreciated.