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Stuffed nose, sneezing and Zeniquin

December 1st, 2011, 02:37 PM
Hi there,
Just thought i'd post and see if I could get some feedback on our situation..

First of all, I have consulted and seem our vet over the couse of this situation

I have a 1 year old dog Zelda, that had Pneumonia.. we took her to the vet right away with the symptoms being a cough (like she had a furr ball i her troat) and was extremely lethergic one day.. (had to carry her to the car) she had a Xray.. went on a course of antibiotics (clavamox) and some other medicine (bronchial dialators) improved greatly, she had a follow up a week later and the xray was very good and she was much much better.. we continued the antibiotics for another week, fast forward 3 weeks.. she's off the antibiotics, she is in great spirits and healing up.. but still coughs once a day.. or every second day.. winter is coming around here so we took her in for a check up with the vet just to be safe, we didnt' want a relapse of the Pneumonia. He wasn't too concerned but noticed she had a very slight crackle in her breathing leading him to think the pneumonia wasn't quite gone, he wanted to ensure that that our dog was fully healed. So he prescribed a 10 day cycle of Zeniquin. since then Zelda has developed a nasty nasal irritation and blockage (mostly at nigth time) and has real trouble sleeping at night. she also sneezes quite a bit due to the nasal issue. We're obviously quite worried about these new symptoms especially as she's already on antibiotics.

I called the vet straight away, wondering what to do. He said to just continue the course of Antibiotics and give her her a saline nasal spray before bed to help her sleep.

just wondering if anyone has seen any allergies or side effects from this Antibiotic. or if i should take matters in to my own hands and take her off the antibiotic.


December 5th, 2011, 12:59 AM
There is a human form of pneumonia that takes a long time to heal. The protocol is controversial, but they use doxycycline daily, azithromycin 2 or 3 times a week, and flagyl for 5 days once a month. It takes a couple of years to clear the infection. Scary, isn't it? I think it's a chlamydia pneumonia infection, unrelated to the STD. I kept tripping over the website when I was doing research for my boy's chronic infections...he's been on abx since 2009 :( , though not for pneumonia.

The only think I can think of with nasal issues as you describe, is maybe look at some of the therapies for Bartonella?

I think that these infections require long term abx, and also combination therapies. Knowing the right combinations of antibiotics however, is the million dollar question.

Perhaps is you could find a local holistic vet that can offer some alternative care to help with the transition off of abx?