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My Puppy Outsmarted Me!

October 4th, 2004, 07:31 PM
Not that it's too hard to do! Phoebe is almost 6 mths old, and has figured out that she's tall enough to reach the countertops now. When I'm in the basement on the computer or doing laundry, she's usually sleeping somewhere behind me. Sometimes, though, I get very involved in what I'm doing. She'll take this opportunity to sneak back upstairs (I keep her nails very short, so I can't hear her when she sneaks away). She has taken to pulling the dish towels off the counter and taking them to her bed for a little chew (I guess she's sucking on whatever I've recently mopped up with them - usually baby food). Either that, or she's eating the green cherry tomatoes I have ripening by the window. Anyhow, cunning human that I am, I've set a booby trap for her. I've put a piece of cardboard on the counter, directly in front of the tomatoes and dish towels, with 4 cans filled with rocks sitting on top of it. Ha! So now, next time she puts her sneaky little paws up there, she'll tip the cardboard, knock the cans onto the floor, and scare herself with all the racket they'll make. Right? Wrong! My brilliant little puppy figured out that all she has to do is gently nudge the cardboard out of the way (I'm presuming with her nose), and voila! Clear access to the goodies. Ooooh, yeah. I'm clever as a fox, I am! :rolleyes:

October 4th, 2004, 08:05 PM
Little Houdini, I swear if they ever learn to walk upright....
we're scr*w*d :eek:

October 5th, 2004, 02:18 AM
haha TOO cute.. well i think it's cute, cleaver little doggie :) haha i enjoy it when "Our" pets do stuff that us human's condone as strange!

Ooooh, yeah. I'm clever as a fox, I am!
LMAO just before i came on here i was chanting "cunning as a fox" cuz i was...well being cheeky elsewere! lol