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Wanting to Get a Dog!

November 13th, 2011, 11:22 PM
I wanted to start off by saying, Hi just singed up today! Was trying to find a decent forum for awhile, also wanted to say this was the best subforum i could figure out where to put this post, so if its in the wrong place feel free to move it, but please let me know so i can copy and paste... its too long to re-type!

As the title says, I've been considering of getting a dog (I have my eyes on two, A Sib-husky/wolf mix and/or a Malamute/Wolf (a Wolamute)). Now i wanted to state that this isn't going to happen soon for several reason main one being I wouldn't be able to afford on fanatically yet.

Now after doing research for some time I've learned that Siberian Husky/Wolf mix are more hyper and "lively" and the Wolamutes are a lot more laid back, lazy, chill.

But I had a few conserns i wanted to address before anything start with letting you know a few things about me;

First I've never owned a dog, just cats, so I'd imagine i lack the experience (Which i also did some research and asked some breeders/trainers and told me that a -LOW- content wolf mix is "First time" pet owner friendly"). I would of course go to training school and the works WHEN/IF I plan and feel that im ready for a dog.

Second, I live in BC, Vancouver, Burnaby, around Holdom and hastings. Also i live in a Apartment, not all that small considering I live alone but still not all that much running space for a pet. The upside is i live on ground level, right outside my patio (which is on ground level, first floor) after no more of 20' of grass field hits a sort of a small park/wild life (lots of trees and *****). and right across the street is a huge school, with a VERY VERY large field that is actually attached to a extremely huge public playground with loads of room, roughly about 2 soccer fields.

Thirdly is my life style, Since i live alone i work (Duh lol). I do not own a car, yet, so i use public transport. I work 8 hours, and usually 4 days a week (sometimes less sometimes more, never more then 5). And what I've been told was in my situation a Wolamute is the best option amungs the husky hybrids due to the breed being a more lazy, chill breed.

So now you have it, I just wanted to know what your opinions are on this AND KEEP IN MIND that i have not decide yet, and i will do my due-diligence before deciding, after all i don't want to bring and keep a met miserable!

So I would be gone roughly 8-10 hours a day but the rest of the time at home, I don't go out much so the rest of my attention would be at home. I've also read things such as hiring a Dog walker/babysitter for the hours I'm gone and im all for that if needed.

... So yeah, i just wanted to hear your opinions/experiences on this! And Please if you're just going to B**ch and complain take it somewhere else, I'm not all that interested in people that don't have a open mind or pay attention to what ive said, Just keep in mind i don't actually the pet and haven't decided anything yet... think of it simply Hypothetical.

So yeah, Could this work, what advice do you have? Thanks in advance!:thumbs up

November 14th, 2011, 09:30 AM
Two people have already answered this same question in OP's identical post here:

Could Mods close duplicate threads? Or combine them?

November 14th, 2011, 09:35 AM
Duplicate thread closed; please see original thread for replies