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Rescue info wanted please

November 13th, 2011, 10:25 PM
I have noticed a great deal of traffic heading to my website since it is fall and in the Tibetan Mastiff world fall is breeding season.
I am not breeding this year again but I have decided to set up a page to put up facts of BYB, mills and hobbyists and their impact on the rescue society and shelters as well as why ANY and ALL breeders should be taking a good look around their community prior to breeding and should consider the goings on outside their yard before producing.

Things I am looking for are:
-Links (besides nopuppymillscanada as they were the first page I turned to)
-Rough stats( as accurate stats change too fast) with things like:
a) purebred to mix numbers as I want to show that there are MANY purebred dogs in shelters
b)age stats, because many people are under the impression that only old dogs are in shelters because they are sick:shrug:

I also want to focus on the "All rescue dogs have problems" rebuttal I get most of the time when I do suggest a rescue. I want to do it in a to the point way with out "losing" the audience.

If possible I would like any suggestions not be condecending in nature as I go against the grain for the most part on the breeding topic and I don't want this turned into the typical arguement.

I do want to take this opportunity to use my website as a teaching tool to people who are "shopping" for puppies, as from experience, many of the people who are looking through my site and inquiring about my breedings are not suited to my breed at all and for the most part I have had great luck in teaching them breed suitability and making them aware of all the great dogs in rescue in their areas.
Sadly, even in this day in age, many people seem oblivious to the pet overpopulation problems we face in this world.