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Cat Going International!

November 4th, 2011, 12:34 PM
Hello everyone,
I just joined today in hoping to get some insight about traveling with your cat internationally. I currently live in Toronto and just got a job offer in China. The move is scheduled in June 2012. I'm going to take my little black witch cat back with me. I looked on a lot of the websites regarding traveling with pets, but most talked about dogs. Does anyone have any experience with traveling by plane with your cat? I adopted her 2 years ago so Im going to say shes 4 years+. Shes healthy, about 7 pounds. I want her to fly on-board with me. What are you experiences? anything I should start doing now?

Thankyou very much!

November 4th, 2011, 02:42 PM
I was about to travel internationally with my 2 cats I had EVERYTHING done, they were in their kennel, health certificates ready, vaccinations up to date and proof of it. Paid for their "seats" and there was an accident with a plane that came without a landing track. No one died but it was bad enough to close the airport and cancel all the flights sooooo.... They gave me another flight that did not have compartment for cats and lucky me my parents were there and they took them (actually they were happy they could stay with them because they love the little guys)
Anyways and although the flight never happened I can tell you about my process.
In my case was a flight from Mexico to Canada.
So first step you have to check most likely on a website the regulations and requirements China has to admit pets in the country and you have to make sure you provide proof of all what they require:
For example: <--Very clear

Then you also have to comply with the rules and regulations of the airline you choose to travel. Which in the case of AA were a Health Certificate by a licensed vet stating that your cat is in good health with no problems.
Certificates of vaccinations up to date such as: Rabies, Feline Leukemia and there's another one I can't remember right now. This is like standard but make sure to check with your airline.

Now some planes allow you to travel with your cat or cats under your seat as long as is 1 kennel per person and the weight is no more than 20 pounds (your cat is only 7 pounds). Not all flights have this option especially long flights they make you register them as cargo (and I reaaaaaaally hate that).
The weather is another factor to consider. Most airlines will not allow dogs or cats to travel as cargo if it's too hot or too cold make sure to call the airline and ask about all these details and also ask them if they have any particular rules on the size of the kennel.
And of course there is a fee for the kitty.

Canada is a rabies free country (there is a list) so that usually helps but for what I saw China requires of rabies shot certificate oh and of course all this proof of health have to be issued within less than a year to be valid for you to travel.

You are on good time to start preparing everything for your kitteh. Sounds complicated but it's not as bad as it seems.

Best of lucks for you in your new job there and your beautiful black kitty cat.

P.S. Try to really get a flight where they allow you to travel on board with her. It's safer than cargo