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U.S. based Ins. Co. to have BSL input?

October 4th, 2004, 11:53 AM
These are the last several paragraphs of this story about a PB rescue making a legal challenge in Ont. However I think the implications of the last paragraphs are a story in themselves. (Dog owners in the U.S. have long seen BSL as partly an Ins. Co money grab.)

Most Ins. carriers in Canada/Ontario are U.S. based. They routinely don't keep great stats on what goes on here, they often just apply what happens in the U.S. market to Canada.

So exactly How Much Imput does the primarily U.S. based Insurance Industry have with the Ontario Government? Is Ont. public health policy being made Here or There?? :confused:

SPit bull ban may face legal challenge:
Pit bull ban may face legal challenge
Bylaw called unfair

Dave Hall
Windsor Star

October 2, 2004

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The bylaw requires pit bulls to be registered with the city, penned up when on the owners' properties, and muzzled and leashed when off those properties. They must also be microchipped and spayed or neutered. Owners are required to have $1 million in liability insurance along with a certificate of insurance, rather than merely proof of insurance.

Norm Kelk, of Ambassador Insurance Brokers, said "only one high-risk carrier has so far indicated any interest in writing such policies and issue a certificate of insurance.

"Regular home ownership policies cover animals but certificates are not issued for those types of policies," Kelk said.

"Mere proof of insurance does not provide notification to the city if the policy is cancelled but requiring a certificate makes the city a party to the policy and notification would be provided if it's cancelled."



Kelk said premiums for a special-risk policy would typically be double that of a regular policy.

If Windsor's bylaw is challenged, it would be the second such challenge this year.

Last month, Superior Court Justice Richard Gates struck down a city bylaw which would have banned circuses featuring wild animals from staging performances in the city. or 255-5777, Ext. 408.
tory in Windsor Star:

October 4th, 2004, 12:59 PM
That's very interesting. I work in insurance and can't imagine how hard it would be for people to get the insurance they would need. Premiums would probably be equal to or more than auto insurance!!

October 4th, 2004, 01:08 PM
Many U.S. Ins. Co.s are refusing to cover Any large dogs on home owners' policies. Like: Collies, Retrievers, Blood Hounds, & mixed breeds. If it's bigger than a house cat, they frequently won't cover, & refuse to provide exclusion or a rider on the policy.

I've been waiting for a while for the Ins, Co. angle to surface. -'Knew it would, just a matter of time before it came down to $$ & not public health. :(