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Cow funny

October 29th, 2011, 07:15 PM
First , I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this. I wasnt sure exactly where it belonged. so..if it belongs somewhere else by all means relocate it please :thumbs up

My husband says "apparently your new talent is speaking cow'.
But as we are driving home, I see a mother cow "talking" (head up in the air, mooing in the direction of her calf"....
Her calf is over a few feet away, licking a gate.
And I just "KNOW" what was being said.

MOM COW "Franklyn, stop licking that gate, you dont know where its been".
Franklyn " aww mom, it tastes good".
Mom cow " I dont care, it has get back over here before i tell your father".


Then....we look over and see another one. Mother cow is eating...and her calf is running playing, and doing its best to get its mothers attention.

Calf "mom, you listening to".
mom cow "maybe if I ignore him, and pretend to keep eating, he'll shut up".

:shrug: but I sure thought it was funny.

I always love when you drive by and the calf actually turns its head and watches the car go by. I always wonder if they are thinking "please bring me back a coke" or...."I'll fit in your car, can I go".