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Introducing an old anti-social dog to a pup

October 22nd, 2011, 05:54 PM
Recently, my co-worker informed me that his situation with his year old boxer wasnt going to work out and that he was going to release her. His wife said that they should just let the dog go at the park and leave her. I was disgusted and offered to take the dog in since my family has been yearning for a new dog anyways.
Long story short, my current dog is a chow/lab mix and is sort of anti-social and around the age of 14. She is very relax and melow and loves attention from anyone, but has never been good with other dogs. There are a few dogs my dog gets along with very well but for the most part keeps to herself.
The new dog we want to introduce to our home is a Boxer. Very energetic and very curious.
What can we do to make these dogs like each other and be able to live together? Our lab acts uninterested in the Boxer, but the Boxer is so curious that she just continues to play with the other dog until the older dog snaps and starts to show teeth/barks. Is there anything we can do to ease a bond between the dogs and allow them to live with each other?
We would really like this situation to work out since the dogs only other option is the pound and we also just love the dog already.

October 22nd, 2011, 06:28 PM
When I work with a friend of mine with her rescues we always start off by taking the dogs for a nice long walk no matter will need to impose some limitations I think considering you have an elderly dog and a pup. I would even consider feeding in seperate rooms until your 100% sure there is no issue.