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Recently spayed pregnant dog experiencing abnormal bleeding

October 19th, 2011, 11:21 PM
My 2 year old female dalmatian was spayed on the 10th of October. She had just completed her heat cycle and was pregnant. (This was her third heat and she has birthed a litter after both of her previous heats, unintentionally.) She hadnt showed any signs of pregnancy yet and we were not aware until they notified us after the spay was complete. It has been 9 days. About 2 days ago, she started bleeding from her vulva. It started as a stringy mucusy blood, almost like the blood when she was in heat. HOWEVER, today when returning home after about 4 hours of being away, there is numerous blood spots around my house. Also there is a few clots of blood around the floor. She has obviously moved a lot because the spots of blood are scattered. We called the emergency vet hotline of the spay and neuter clinic and she told us to wait until the morning and take her to the vet. Lucy, our dalmatian, isnt completely inactive. I left work when I heard about her bleeding and she greeted me like she normally does. The blood is now a lot more constant than as if she were in heat. She is dripping blood and Im not sure what to do. We put her in the laundry room to try to contain her but she began to shiver quickly.

October 19th, 2011, 11:29 PM
Unfortunately the vast majority of our members are not vets, and can't really advise in situations such as this except to recommend that you do take her into the emergency vet tonight.

The volume of blood lost and the amount of time it has gone on has me concerned there could've been some complications with recovery/healing as this was a heat spay - blood vessels etc are more swollen than normal.

Please do take her into the emergency vet, and let us know how her healing is progressing. :goodvibes: :fingerscr

October 20th, 2011, 01:23 AM
I agree and would take her to the emergency vet.