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feline leukaemia and complications

October 15th, 2011, 08:11 PM
I was wondering if anybody could help me.

Our 3 yr old cat as just been diagonised with leukaemia, tumour and fluid in chest. At the moment he is taking furosemide to help drain the fluid of his chest.

He as been poorly off food, not much water,very lethargic. So we took him to the vets yesterday. He told us what it was, and asked very nicely, do we want to put him to sleep. We asked if we could take him home for the weekend. last night he was very poorly still.

This morning he came down to see us, took his food when offered, used litter tray,ect. We thought it was a good sign. Anyway, he was cuddling with me on the floor, when he had is 1st fit. We have told by the vet today,that the fit could be a one off, or it could be linked to his illnesses.

We are taking him back to vets on monday. But if we cant get him eating and drinking more, he will be staying in. And a good chance he will ask the question again, about his future.

But know he is lethargic and wanted to be left alone,like he was last night. But he is still purring. He is only eating when we coax him, the same with water. Plus,he has only been on toilet once for a wee. He should be doing more,because of the dierutic to clear his chest fluid.

He has always been vaccinated against this since 8 weeksold. Vet says that he probably got it off his mum, and its been activated.

Was wondering if you could please help and advice in anyway.

October 17th, 2011, 01:47 PM
Hi snugsy01 and welcome to the forum!

snugsy01, I have personal experience with a kitty's leukemia, and some of what you are now seeing I have dealt with as well. For me, that was seven years ago and, back then, I wasn't aware of the information and help that existed is a huge regret for me. If only I had known, I am sure things would have turned out differently.

Here is some of what I have learned since then: first, these general forums, like this one, can be helpful. For the major chronic diseases/conditions, however, there exist online specialized information/support groups made up of people experienced in dealing with these issues. There are often thousands of members whose experience spans many years. They are also aware of the very latest treatments.

If I had the opportunity to do it over again, I would be sure to join and participate there.

The original leukemia group can be found here You'll need to sign up for it first. The format/design/look of it is different from these forums, but not difficult to get used to.

The people who set up that group also have a leukemia information site - it's here

I believe you'll get the very best advice there.

I hope you can also be able to keep us updated, although I know just how consuming your situation is presently.

(You're going to have to continue assist-feed him if there's going to be any chance of his survival. I would be using a special food - available from your Vet - it's Hill's a/d There's all kinds of info about assist-feeding here You'll need to use a syringe with a large barrel - something like like this (ask your Vet or druggist) Then, if you want, there's an online group for all this here ,,,,,hope I haven't drowned you!!!)

One more thing.....again, from my already had two offers/suggestions from your Vet to send him off. I would not choose that until, at least, I had a chance to speak with some more experienced people...try that group.