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WANTED: Free Kitten

October 2nd, 2004, 03:05 PM
Hey, I'm new here and I'm looking for a kitten. Preferably long haired, ragdoll, or a calico :) Problem is I'm really short on cash so I'd like one for free. If you can help me please e-mail me! thanks! (
I live in the brampton area and willing to travel about half an hour aswell. (Mississauga...etc)

October 2nd, 2004, 03:20 PM
Hey Vanzie!

Just a question - please do not get defensive as I think it is pretty valid. As well, I am not fully aware of your situation and this is why I am asking....not assuming anything.

If you are short on cash why do you want to get a pet? They require a lot of time and money. You do realize that a free kitten costs more in the end than a rescue, no? Which is fine if you have the money to put into an animal either way, but you said you were strapped for cash. This new addition to your life will require shots, deworming, eventually (if not right away) to be neutered/spayed, and the list goes on.

I know of a great no kill rescue that only asks 75.00 for one of their animals and she would most likely deliver him/her to you as she delivers in the GTA often. This one fee includes all of the above mentioned and more.

October 2nd, 2004, 03:24 PM
It's great that you want to give a kitten a home, but you will find none for free here...we all ask adoption fees. Also, if you are short on cash, then now is not the time to be bringing in a new kitten...they cost money, sometimes lots of money. :rolleyes: The last kitten I brought into my home (yes I got him for free) has already cost me over $300 in vet bills. We ask adoption fees because we have often already taken them to the vets, treated them for mites, fleas and worms and any other ailments they may have. When you look at adopting a kitten you have a better chance of receiving a healthy kitten. It is by no means a guarantee of that, but your odds are definitely greater.
You should also check out the post..."Free To Good Home" by LuckyRescue in the Adoptions Forum.
Good luck! :D

Lucky Rescue
October 2nd, 2004, 09:21 PM
Exactly. If you have no money, a "free" kitten could cost quite a bit - deworming, deflea-ing, spaying or neutering, etc. How will you pay for this?

Even a free kitten can cost a couple hundred dollars initially, as someone giving kittens free to anyone who wants one generally does nothing to ensure health or to make sure it's spayed/neutered.

And why would someone be giving away free Ragdolls to someone who can't afford to care for it?

October 4th, 2004, 02:24 PM
I do not understand why Vanzie has not replied... Does she only want us to email her at her address?

October 4th, 2004, 02:50 PM

October 5th, 2004, 07:28 AM
a lot of people who post on BBS's don't ever come back, and expect people to e-mail them with their replys.

October 5th, 2004, 08:37 AM
We have so many threads like this one. The original poster has not returned, why is this thread still open? There is a sticky that says:

Any posts offering free pets will be deleted after one warning to edit post to include the words "Adoption fee applies."

Why should people asking for free pets be allowed to have their posts remain? This just show others that might come here and ask for a free pet that they will be chastized and put down - that will prevent them from posting, but not looking for a free cat!??

October 5th, 2004, 09:02 AM
I say we email her back with our list of wants .....

I want a FREE Lincoln Navigator
I want a FREE Caribbean Cruise
I want FREE Maid Service

LOL i'm kidding of course but imagine if we would... :eek:

October 5th, 2004, 09:07 AM
I want a free Smart Car

Now that would be cool

October 5th, 2004, 10:05 AM
I just want free money...but would consider paying a small adoption fee.

October 5th, 2004, 11:54 AM
I want a free apartment

October 5th, 2004, 12:18 PM
Why should people asking for free pets be allowed to have their posts remain? This just show others that might come here and ask for a free pet that they will be chastized and put down - that will prevent them from posting, but not looking for a free cat!??

When I first came here at the beginning of September I came looking for a kitten. I said I was looking for a Free kitten but I also did not mind paying for one either. I was looking because at the time there were no kittens available in the shelters. Everytime I saw one on-line I would call and it would be gone. Plus I had a hard time with Friends of Abandoned Pets because I already had two so she thought that a third would be too much and said "Think about it and call me back". Well I had already thought about it, could afford it, have a huge apartment and was saying I want one - so basically I was being turned away and would have again if I tried. So I thought there are no more shelters around and saw this community and thought I would find some extra help with a Free kitten or if anyone knew where I could get a kitten even if it had to be paid for. At first I got the usual response of "Free is not Free" - which is 100% accurate. I got defensive as a newbie and wrote back saying that this I knew. So I do understand what you mean.

BUT even in the posts saying "Free is not free" I was still sent a link for shelters I never even heard of in my area where I could adopt or rescue. So with a bit of advice (which may have seemed like scolding at the time) I also received encouragement. After 2 months I came here posted got a reply from LR and others and LR gave me a link which had the Westminster Pet Sanctuary in it and where I found my new darling.

Anyway, I know I side tracked a little but my story has a point. I was a newbie and did not feel like I was being chastized for suggesting a FREE kitten. I did get a little defensive (being new and feeling scolded but not chastized). I came back and replied and realized that I was just getting standard good advice and warning from someone who works in rescue and cares about the well being of all animals.

I replied to Vanzie asking questions not BECAUSE she wanted a free kitten, but because she said she had no money. This being the case, she wanted a Free kitten which is much more than an adopted kitten and has no cash for one - how can she provide the necessary care. I think that this is what most of us really care about.

Sorry for the novel :D

Lucky Rescue
October 5th, 2004, 01:35 PM
Right Tyr. There are no "free pets". Sometimes people may take a pet that is free without thinking about what it can cost them.

You can get a kitten from a shelter or rescue and pay whatever the fee is. Someone adopting a cat from us gets a healthy cat/kitten that has no worms, fleas, genetic illness and is spayed or neutered. To get a Free cat and do all that yourself would cost MUCH more than our adoption fee.

OR someone wants a free kitten and has no intention of providing vet care or spay/neuter, in which case they should NOT be given any pets.

October 5th, 2004, 02:10 PM
My thoughts exactly :D I do not care if someone gets a free kitten as long as they intend to give it the same amount of medical care and attention. If they have the money to do that then fine, but she said she had none to even put towards a cat. Please correct me if I am wrong Vanzie - if you do come back.

I personally check shelters and rescues before looking for a free one. Plus I give myself time for the shelters to get them in. Even though I could afford to give the proper care. I just prefer to adopt pets and give my money to support a good cause. I am glad I came here, because I got the information I needed from you on shelters I had never even heard of in my area.

I just think if you can afford one great! Adopt away! If you cannot hold off until you can. It is better for both you and the animal.

October 5th, 2004, 04:20 PM
:confused: I never trust people like this. In alot of cases, lab raiders do the same thing...I'm definately not impressed. See, people like that shouldn't be ALLOWED to own animals..who knows who or what she has planned behind this computer screen.. hmmm

*definately suspicious*

October 5th, 2004, 05:53 PM
Somebody please take the rolling eye smiley from Dinah. She will soon be charged for rolling eye smiley abuse!!!

October 5th, 2004, 07:05 PM
I hesitate to jump into this thread but I cannot imagine why anyone would think a kitten is "free". If you care for a kitten - perhaps especially a kitten with its many medical, nutrititonal and play needs - it is a costly venture. if one plays to have children, one thinks about the cost (well most of the time, lol)

Serisously, it is the same thing. It may be less costly to adopt a cat in the sense that you do not at least have to put aside money for university (to think of one expense), but there are many costs that come with responsible cat compionship!

I've just been longinly looking at some of the designer stuff at an online Pet supply place and to me, adopting a pet is a question of priorities.

Anyway, just my two cents and I too soooo want a Smart Car!!



October 6th, 2004, 07:14 AM
Somebody please take the rolling eye smiley from Dinah. She will soon be charged for rolling eye smiley abuse!!!

LMAO!! Somebody call in the icon police please! we've got a rolling eyes abuser in our mists!! :p

October 6th, 2004, 08:02 AM
I looked at her profile. SHe already has a couple of pets.

October 6th, 2004, 08:17 AM
When I got Sneaky from THS she was spayed and vaccinated already. The only thing I had to pay for was her initial vet recheck and treatment for her Otitis.

When I got Toby as a foster from a different pound there was no cost for him specifically because I was helping out. However, I've had to pay up the wazoo for vet checks, 300$ for neutering, $$ for the pre surgery tests, vaccinations etc. etc.

From what I have estimated, assuming few problems, it costs about 1000$ to get a dog with no vetting (like alot of those free to good home ads) up to standard. To get a dog from a pound that's already got all their shots and fixes etc. etc., it costs usually less then 150$. That's a huge savings. Just doesn't make much sense for the average pet owner to go anywhere else in my eyes.

Nothing to do with this particular poster but I always think about this stuff when I see the "free" discussions. Makes ya think.


October 6th, 2004, 08:17 AM
You know this is an awfully large thread considering the original poster has not even Man....when we get going.... ;)

October 6th, 2004, 08:21 AM
My point simply was that some people come on here to give their pets to a "good" home for free, and some people come on here to get pets that are "free" to a "good" home. Why are they treated so differently? I know the whole thing about "free" animals and such. I was just curious why there is such a different reaction to the similar posts...

October 6th, 2004, 08:40 AM
I want somebody to take 20 pounds! I'd gladly give free!

October 6th, 2004, 11:48 AM
First of all, have any of you considered that Vanzie might be busy doing other things?!? :rolleyes:

Instead, you jump all over her and trash her request. I guess only certain posters are permitted to do that eh? ;)

I know for a fact that message was directed towards me, since I was confronted in other posts in much the same way by yourself. I'm really sick of your annoying attitude. So far, you're the only one that has a problem with me..while everyone else gets along just fine, and actually appreciates my comments...and might I add, we all have some valuable imput...but so far, with my first impression of certainly haven't. I would kindly appreciate if you stopped picking up on all my messages and insisting on throwing around your sarcastic and pointless remarks. Maybe if you stopped complaining so much and read carefully, you would learn something too. But if you don't like me, too damn bad..your loss.

Oh, and regarding your question about Vanzie? First of all, if she was responsible, she would realize that she HAS NO TIME for anymore animals. If she's busy doing other things, than you just yourself have told me that she doesn't have enough time for her pets. This is WHY I always emphasize responsible ownership..because its more than apparent that not enough people know or practice it! WHY do you think we're having a huge crisis with the whole pit bull ban???...*hopes the light bulb finally turned on*

Thank you and good day!

October 6th, 2004, 03:15 PM
First of all, have any of you considered that Vanzie might be busy doing other things?!? :rolleyes:

Instead, you jump all over her and trash her request. I guess only certain posters are permitted to do that eh? ;)

I have considered that she is busy doing other things. That is why in every post I put in I ask Vanzie to please reply - just so I know she has been here and give her the opportunity to speak up.

As well, I do not feel that we ALL are "jump[ing] all over her" we are just giving advice and hoping she comes back and responds. I personally want to hear the answers to my questions - out of curiosity not to harass her. I also do not think we are "trash[ing] her request" - again, we are just giving advice and asking her valid questions. This is a pet community - we are concerned both about the pets and the owner.

I know she has other pets, I just wonder why she wants to add to her fur baby family if she cannot afford it. As well as answers to the other questions that were asked here. Not everyone says what they do to be mean spirited, or chase, a newbie away - they do so out of curiosity as well as to make friends. The things said here are sometimes taken out of perspective because we cannot see those we speak to - written communication is, on the most part, void of any emotion because of this. If we did not use the smiley's could you imagine how often things would be misinterpreted and how many more arguments there would be?

Again, Vanzie, if you come back to this thread to check on your request please post.

Thanks! :D

October 6th, 2004, 07:05 PM
if you check her personal profile you'll see that the last activity she had on was exactly 12 minutes after she posted her question. of course, she may not have a computer at home and may only have an occasional chance to use one.