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URGENT - low platelets, red cells, white cells, bleeding - at specialist need advice

September 21st, 2011, 03:59 PM
We love our little boy. His mom went missing at 2 weeks old so took him in. We bottle fed him and have done everything right from vacanations to food from that time till now, 4 months later. Since that day, he has been an inside only kitty.

He has always been a frisky active kitten. Yesterday afternoon, for a reason unknown to us, he jumped out of the window through the blinds across the kitchen and into the sliding glass door. After that, he did not want to eat dinner, was not as playful as normal. We thought he just had a headache because he didn't wobble, did chase a mouse a little bit, then would just sit, so we thought he would be better this morning. He was not. Now he is lethargic and had tiny red dots on his head so we rushed him to our vet. He gave him fluids, ran a feline lukemea test and blood counts. He was anemic, low red and white cells and platelets, but lukemea was negative. His liver, kidneys and other organs are ok. When his heart rate began to increase and he did not improve, he asked it we wanted to move him to a specialist hospital. We did because we love him. He is our son and we will do whatever we can.

There, they ran all kinds of tests including those done by my vet. Same results. Just the low cells and platelets. Ultrasounds of throat, abdomen, negative but waiting for second opinion. They did a blood transfusion. They are going to test for parvo just in case. They just performed a bone marrow biopsy and we will be waiting until tomorrow evening for results. UGH! I hated puting him through that but we have to find the cause to fix the problem. We have made several visits up to see him so he knows we did not abandon him and to try to get him to fight through this.

I have torn the house up! There are no signs of anything he would have chewed on and there are no poison things except in cabinets which he does not get in. He is never outside except that we did just get back from a vacation we took him on so he was transported in a carrier. He would have had free reign in the hotel room, but it was a pet friendly hotel and it had been a while since our room was treated for anything.

My questions are,
1. what else do I need to be asking? They are still leaning toward lukemea inspite of the negative results I think becauase they haven't found anything and that is the most likely cause they said of the low platelets which are causing the bleeding.
2. Should I make sure he is on certain medicine? I see several listed in other questions.
3. Throw me some hope, what else can we ask them to test for? Is there anything else I should think about that could have caused this?
4. If it is lukemea, are there treatments? Will I really have to put my baby to sleep? We want to bring him home with us! It kills me that he will be up there tonight by himself.

We have already spent $4300 today, so would appreciate information I have seen mentioned about agencies that will help me with costs, but will spend more even without help if it means we will have many more happy years with out beloved Nickelback. Thank you for your help and advice.