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September 19th, 2011, 02:15 PM
Hey everyone.

I just adopted a 4 year old purebred yellow lab. Hes really friends and well trained. I do have some training and obedience questions. His previous owners trained him to do things like sit, lay down and shake a paw for treats, so obviously he wont do them unless he gets a treat. I don't think that way, i've been working with him to try to sit and lay down without getting anything and hes starting to get it. He always comes when I call him when Im walking him on my own. Ive had him off leash a few times and hes great when its just me but when i have a friend with me he won't listen to me. What can I do to get him to come everytime not just with me. Also he gets really really excited when he meets people and when a 120lb dog is running at someone usually they are scared. How do I train him to calm down around people and not jump or charge at them.



Jim Hall
September 19th, 2011, 05:33 PM
lol labs what u mean i dont get a treat?

Welcome I dont have any suggestiong for you but i am sure someone will be along soon I know with my lab all i had to do was have a stick in my hand for her to chase and i had her complete attention

September 20th, 2011, 08:28 AM
Treats: I start all my training with treats but gradually fade them out. Start practising what he already knows, but start to treat only every other time you give a command, then every third time, and gradually phase it out. Also, vary how often he has to do the command before he gets a treat. So, if he sits twice and gets a treat, he then gets treats for two sits in a row, then goes for three sits without a treat. Gradually, you wean him away from the food treats. Keep giving treats once in a while,unpredictably, though. He will start to obey every time, because he never knows when a treat is coming.
Another way is to start rewarding obedience with other things he likes. So, "sit", and open the door, "sit" and the person comes to say hi. "Sit" and we will play tug.
If one or more of your friends is willing to practise with you, put your dog on leash, "sit", and the friend starts to come close. when the dog starts to get up, the person starts to back away, coming closer only when the dog is sitting, and backing farther away every time the dog gets up. This takes patience, particularly because this habit has been allowed to become a habit. He will probably get worse before he gets better because getting up has always gotten him closer to people before, so he will try what worked in the past, and try harder because it is suddenly no longer working. He will eventually realize that sitting brings people closer, and standing/jumping chases them away. Practise on everybody, even random strangers. It wouldn't hurt to bring back treats to distract him from jumping and rewarding him for letting people get close without jumping. You can gradually decrease the treats as he gets better.:thumbs up