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Meet Rocky

September 8th, 2011, 05:35 PM
Rocky was dropped off outside here, and has been hanging around for awhile now. I tried to "encourage" him to leave because he was stalking my bird feeders. I didn't want anymore "outside cats" but cannot take any more inside. I decided it was better to feed and care for him outside than to let him fend for himself by eating my outdoor birds who feed here. He can make use of the cat house that was once occupied by Spaz, Grayson, Tilly (the quad's mom) and Holly.

So, now we have a new addition named Rocky, after first calling him Peach, then Stoney. He matches the foundation of the house that is stone. He will be fixed real soon.

Amazingly, he is such a sweetie, starting to let me hold him - loves being petted - so someone raised this little guy and then set him out! Drives me nuts. We guess he is no more than 5 months old - if that.

Here's some photos I just took - seems to like it here, huh?



September 8th, 2011, 05:36 PM

September 8th, 2011, 10:41 PM
Hellooooooo, Rocky! :D

He's a dashing lil guy! :flirt: And lucky to have found your place!!

September 8th, 2011, 10:45 PM
What a beautiful boy!!! He just has the prettiest face, very soft :cloud9: :lovestruck:

I love his color, and his eyes :D

September 9th, 2011, 12:40 AM
Those are some really long whiskers on that kittey!! I wonder if length of whiskers could be an indication of future kitty size!? Kinda like big paws on a puppy :)

September 9th, 2011, 08:51 AM
Aww Diane ,what a beauty and he'll do the name Rocky justice for sure:lovestruck:
We are going through North Carolina in October,maybe I'll come and pick him up....only wishful thinking I'm afraid:(:(

September 9th, 2011, 10:25 AM
Rocky is a gorgeous boy!:lovestruck:

He looks very much at home.:D So lucky to have found you.:thumbs up

September 9th, 2011, 03:16 PM
OMGawd....that is the twin of my 15 year old rescue cat.
He looks like a Keeper. Enjoy !!

September 9th, 2011, 05:03 PM
Thanks all - we think he is quite handsome, and I think he will be big once grown.