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Walking, walking, walking . . . . .

Rick C
September 4th, 2011, 09:11 PM
Pete & Ruby and I walked the full distance around Upper Kananaskis Lake on Saturday - about 17.4 km I think. It was only plus 2 celcius when we started and fresh snow covering the peaks from a storm a few days earlier. So wearing shorts might have been a bad tactical choice for the first few minutes but the day was fine from there and the water was quite warm, even at 6,000 feet altitude.

Pete on a calm Upper Kananaskis Lake . . .

Very calm for Pete . . . . and new snow for a beckoning winter . . .

Pete in a marshy area on the backside of the lake . . . . this is primo grizzly country and there was a fatality a few years ago near here . . . . but all we saw was a bull moose rapidly disappearing into the bush.

One of many swims on the day for Pete . . . . about a four hour walk but the lake close at hand for Pete and Ruby. The lake is artificial and completely full right now . . . . but will have emptied enough to have expansive rocky beaches by the time the ice melts in the Spring. We hike here in the winter as well.

Rick C
September 4th, 2011, 09:13 PM
The previous week, Ruby leads a trek . . . . .

Ruby and Pete charge downhill . . . .

Ruby on the descent . . . .

Rick C
September 4th, 2011, 09:15 PM
Pete at home at sunset . . . . . elk are starting to herd up for the Fall and are regulars along our fence line at dawn and dusk, giving great offence to both Pete and Ruby, although both are very wary.

Below, Ruby and Pete at Chain Lakes, which is doggy heaven with miles and miles of unpopulated lakeshore and no leashes. This was the favourite walk of Abby & Keeper and now the favourite of Pete and Ruby as well.

Ruby is river walking in Threepoint Creek near our home on a hot summer day.

A raging torrent in the Spring, this creek is benign in late summer and nice for walking with Ruby in the lead. . . . . waterways are Crown Land and open to public use.

Rick C

September 4th, 2011, 10:06 PM
As usual, stunning pics! I was going to ask if you ever see wildlife?

September 4th, 2011, 11:31 PM
Love all the wet dog pics!!! :D And the vistas!!! :cloud9: God's golden country!

September 4th, 2011, 11:34 PM
Gorgeous pictures of dogs and view!

Rick C
September 4th, 2011, 11:49 PM
As usual, stunning pics! I was going to ask if you ever see wildlife?

On Saturday, lots of Bighorn Sheep along the highway as usual and a coyote enjoying a saunter down the middle of the road near the lake . . . . . and the usual deer.

Grizzlies are fairly rare and they probably won't bother you unless you bother them but in that particular area they are definitely around. Had the bear spray ready at hand.

A couple of grizzlies at Upper Kananaskis Lake a few years ago:

And a Bighorn Sheep a few years ago in another area:

Rick C

September 5th, 2011, 07:12 AM
Great pictures as usual.

Every dog should have a life like yours. :thumbs up

September 5th, 2011, 07:44 AM
Oh Rick, just beautiful. Pete and Ruby are looking just terrific :cloud9:, they must be counting their lucky stars to have been adopted by you and Carol. :lovestruck:

September 5th, 2011, 07:53 AM
Always a treat to see your pix and doogers rick c! :lovestruck:

September 5th, 2011, 10:37 AM
Agreed Marko, I look forward to your pics Rick!!