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GOT YA (interactive for all)

September 1st, 2011, 11:58 PM
I thought, maybe some of us know each other, and some of us dont. some of us have been on here for a long time and everyone knows you, your pets, ect. help me "get to know you". and you to know me, AND just so we can all "tell our stories"...I thought we could all tell our "got ya" stories. (how we got each pet aka..furry, scaley, and so forth, member of our family).

I'll start it.

RBridge Jack: husband and his ex wife picked him up from a breeder. He was the "second best" present she left behind her. (husband was
He was at the time an eight year old lab. ...and was instantly my slobbery mess of a friend. We just lost him this year...and miss him.

RBridge Chase:
Husband and I decided to get an "OUR" first pet together puppy. Being that I've been around / had in my family daschunds my whole life (and still cant spell the word)...and he had was decided. When discussing , color, sex, mini or standard. We both "decided" it would be a black and tan smooth haired mini female.
We go to the people that had the pups...and look into a baby play pen aka temp puppy arena...and see all sorts of cute little black and tan females looking at us...but ONE pup caught our eye. It was if he had a sign above his head that said. "I know I'm a boy, and I'm spotted (he was dappled), but I'm YOURS, TAKE ME HOME". And so we did. Took us exactly one day to name him as he CHASED his tail, shadows, a peice of fuzz on the floor, the wind, invisible unseen name it. Unfortunatly he also had a knack for "escapery" and escaped up to the road and got hit, and killed instantly. We miss him. He did however leave us with a "present". Neighbors black and tan mini dach...was in heat. They placed her outside on a chain..and "chase" visited her. Appropriate time later, we get a phone was chase allright. As there are two spotted little fellows looking up at them from the welping box. I go over....intent on "adopting" the spotted one, and there is this BIG, FAT (so fat he looked like a rotty puppy instead of a dach), black and tan sausage of a pup looking up at me. That is our TOBY (still here).

After we lost chase, toby was very lonesome. After all he went from his litter mates to ...being here with dad (chase). SO..we decide, number three (jack was still alive then too)...would be alright. We discussed and decided to get a long haired chocolate dapple boy. Ha.... we get to the breeder. She at first talks with us (you know the go around). and I specifically said. I want a chocolate dapple. She says..your in luck .....well she and her husband fetch the pups. IN walks the prettiest long haired chocolate dapple pups I've ever seen. And then I spot something in the crook of the husbands arm. What possesed him to BRING THIS ONE IN, I'll never I SAID i wanted a choc dapple male.
BUT...I couldnt take my eyes off this pup. Its as if she had a sign over her head saying "i know I'm a girl, and that I'm black and tan and not a chocolate dapple...but I"M YOURS, take me home.". I resisted. I held the choc daps, and I could tell they were sweet lil pups. But...never being the one to resist any pup. I finally asked, can I hold that one. I picked up little black and tan ball of fluff...and she climbed right up to my neck, put her head in the crook of my neck , layed her head down , and SIGHED the biggest sigh I've ever felt from a lil ole pup. It was if she was saying "I'm home".
That was it. I was done. SHE would be it. And so she came home, and right away started making herself right at home. Toby LOVED her, and she loved him. but...she decided...I was to be HERS, and she was to be MINE. she likes everyone...but she is my shadow.
She got her name because one day she was being naughty...and I little renegade. And it stuck. so renegade ruby it was. We just call her ruby...cause she was already used to it by day four. But...her registerd name has it tacked on. LOL.

Rbridge (bullet) we are fishing one day, at a neighborhood pond, and out of nowhere this beautiful liver and white german short haired pointer , hops up into the back of our truck. he was like..ok...lets go for a ride. we asked all around who he belonged too, no one knew. He was skinny, and had a owie on his back. it felt like a bullet lodged in there, and so thus we just started calling him bullet. (later upon having it removed, it was a peice of gravel). he had a scrape on his nose too. We figure maybe he jumped out of the back of his owners truck (and apparently our truck looked like it, cause he jumped right in
a month of searching later, we gave up. He was "ours". he gave the sweetest hugs, and was just a really good dog. He would literally stand up on his hind legs, put his paws around your middle and lay his head on your belly (or shoulder if you were short). we miss him!

Well, I can only say, saydee is God's lesson to my husband to "watch what you say". Long story short...we went to a market place type thing, where they often have pups of all sorts. Usually a lot of dach puppies. Me being a pup lover, I stop and pet every single one of them, and given that they are coming from "back yard breeders" and so forth...I really feel bad for them. Not the best start in life. So my husband always gives me the lecture...we are just looking and petting, not taking home. I told him going into THIS paticular visit that I had the "puppy" itch and it would not be a good idea to go to "dog" area. He says very firmly. The ONLY way we are bringing home a puppy is if its a long haired black and tan female dach, registered with shots, and is FREE> since you know THAT is not going to happen...lets go in. So we do..and like I said this place is normally swarming with dach. Not a dach in sight...So I breath a sigh of relife..for all intensive pourpases..I'm safe. well we get to the LAST little spot before we are out of dog area and I see DACH (females 300 , males 250). Well, it couldnt hurt to hold one, they are for SALE, and we are NOT buying. so...I ask the man can I hold one, he says sure, just wash hands. I do...and I look into the play pen. There is a black and tan little ball that looks JUST LIKE RUBY when she was little. So I instantly grab that one. Dont look at the parts, dont ask any guestions...just petting. I get a lick on the nose, a tail thump...and the man is just watching us intently. I'm of course baby talking her, well you get the idea. Just as I'm going to put her back into her spot..the man says. You know...I could sell her. But I just have a feeling about you two. SHE is free if you want her. UM...WHAT? think ing I mustve heard him wrong. If you want her , YOU CAN HAVE her , he says with a smile. OMG. Ok...whats the cacth I think.
He says...let me get her papers, and her shot records. I say..she's registered. YEAH. I say..she's had her shots...YEAH. I think...whats the cacth..ya know. I look down and I see two toes are missing on her left front foot. DING..there we have it. BUT...WHO CARES. provided she's passed her vet exam and has her shots. I DONT CARE>
It gets better. look at her papers..and she was BORN on my Mother in laws birthday. I looked at my husband...who looks as if he could dig a hole and hide...but has a cheese eating grin on his face. I and tan longhaired female, registered, shots, healthy and FREE.
Home she came, and freetoe sassy saydee has turned our house upside down, in a good way.
Lesson learned, keep mouth shut...say nothing. :D

Colby and prissy.
(keep in mind we have three at home , bullet and jack had went to rbridge at this point)....
We go to pet store to fetch supplies...and they have the humane society bus there, with the pups/cats ect on it.
I shouldve resisted, but I told myself "ill just LOOK".
ha. jokes on me. I look into the bus and staring back at me is a solid black dach face looking at me. I had been joking to my husband that we needed another boy, there was a two to one ratio going. So when I see this face looking at me, i silently prayed it was a boy. Get him out..and indeed he's got a dinker. He lays his head into my shoulder and sighs..just like ruby did . I was sold. Home he came.
myTeen walks over with an ugly (sorry prissy), old fart of a chiweenie. Has tears in her eyes, She's gonna be put down if we dont take her. Couldnt help it, who else wouldve gotten a dog that is ugly AND stinks to high heaven (then, not now). Home she came.

so..thats how we ended up with the five.
I am now banned from dog part of market, cant look at the papers, I am not allowed near a pet store on dog adoption day..and my husband says if I bring home another one, he is divorcing me. LOL>

anyone who read this far...thank you. i know I wrote a novel.

September 2nd, 2011, 12:17 AM
Well, I can only say, saydee is God's lesson to my husband to "watch what you say".

:laughing: Love it! That's an awesome adoption story :thumbs up

I don't have any pets now all are @ the bridge, my first cat I was 3 yrs old was Bandit a b&w male was purchased from a pet store w/his sister Smokey a grey tabby (my sisters kitten), she unfortunately turned out to be quite sick & passed a week later. Yup named after Smokey & the Bandit :) He lived a good 8 yrs before passing too soon, was best buddies with Nikki & Nisku our daughter & mother Siberian Huskies.

Nikki was purchased from a local breeder and a few years later her mother, a titled champion, Nisku was being retired from breeding & we got a call - "do you want Nikki's mom? We can't keep another house dog" (the daughter already had a non-breeding GSD house dog.) Well of course :)

Years after Bandit passed & we still had the dogs I was given a kitten as a birthday present from a friend who had arranged it all with my mum, complete surprise to me :) Mischief, a siamese mix - Van Calico in coloring, came home & lived fully up to her name :cat:, if there was mischief afoot & she'd be in the middle of it.

A year later I came home w/a tiny little tortieshell kitten (see avatar) without the parents permission (well mum had said the previous year I could've taken Mischief's littermate which I didn't cuz I hadn't known that at the time :rolleyes: :D). I had gone with another friend to her aunt's to see the kittens & ended up taking the runt home. Duffy was more a dog than she was a cat. Later in life she was my introduction to a healthier life approach - homeopathy & raw feeding as she developed kidney failure from tainted pet food.

Years later after both the Sibes had passed & it had been a while with no dogs but still had the two cats, I was working as a nanny for a family that was giving up their dog due to lack of time. Much cajoling & dad agreed to let me take Cally the normally growly, slightly dog-aggressive dog home & the dalmatian black lab cross soon became best buddies of the cats. Cally would go out to bark at someone/thing in the alley & not far behind him would be his "backup" Duffy trailing along to see what was going on.

Mischief & Cally passed within 2 years of each other & the loss of both of them affected Duffy's health in ways I only began to understand years later after her CRF diagnosis (tainted pet food) when I was talking to the homeopath vet. Goes to show how everything in life affects your state of mind & in turn your health even if you don't realize it. Duffy passed last year after a good 4 years battling CRF & was doing great until Lymphoma joined the fight.

September 2nd, 2011, 12:37 AM when we go anywhere near animals..I joke with him and say "have any words your feeling strong about". He just smirks and says "shut up".
so whats your story growler?

September 2nd, 2011, 12:44 AM
See above :D I was busy editing mine in :)

September 2nd, 2011, 01:39 AM
awww. I'm so sorry your babies are at the Rbridge. They all sounded like simply devine "gifts". Your like just kinda "aquired" most of them. I love happy stories of how the dog, cat whatever found YOU instead of you it. I know you miss them terribly. Thank you for sharing your story with me.